7 Meditations To Help You Make The Most Of Capricorn Season

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I might be biased because I'm a Capricorn myself, but I think we should all be looking forward to Capricorn season. It's the best one! OK fine... let me rephrase: Capricorn season marks the beginning of not only a new year, but a new surge of productive energy that we've all been waiting for. As the holiday excitement dies down and the new year and new season unfold, we're going to need to look to some mediations for Capricorn season in order to make the most of it.

Imagine having the best, most invigorating cup of coffee you've ever had, only to turn on your computer and realize it's broken. That's what Capricorn season is like if you don't prepare for it. The influence of the ambitious sign gets us all ramped up for hard work, intense creativity, and unrelenting drive, but if we're not in the right mind set, and if we haven't readied ourself for the energy it can all go to waste.

There's really no better time than now to get a kick in the pants, and that bold and ruthless Capricorn energy of the goat will surely give you the push you need. Just make sure that you're aligned with your goals and values so that when you go forward, you don't go barreling into the wrong direction. According to astrologer Lisa Stardust, "the Capricorn energy forces us all to work hard and play by the rules, allowing us all to reap the benefits of our laborious duties in the spring," so let's align ourselves for a fruitful spring, by starting now with the sowing of seeds. Here are some mediations that will help you make the most of Capricorn season.

Capricorn Solstice Meditation

This meditation keeps the festive holiday vibe going, focusing on the solstice and what we can get from it. If you're looking to start a new project and need a bit of a low-key push to get going, this meditation can help you harness it. This mediation also offers a bit of an educational look at what Capricorn energy has to offer and what we can expect to feel during this season.

Goal Setting Capricorn Mediation

This meditation will help you get into a productive headspace so that you can visualize your goals for the year ahead and actually reach them. If you're overwhelmed with everything that you want to accomplish, this peaceful meditation will help you to sort out all of your desires and create a plan of action that's focused and attainable.

Capricorn Manifestation

This meditation will guide you through Cap season with a steady and upward energy. Learn how identify your needs and map out a clear path to them. If you need the a push from the goat, this meditation will offer a lot of advice for where you find that energy, how to build on it, and how to ensure that you complete your projects before loosing steam.

Mediation For Success

This mediation is an exercise in hypnosis that will help you to let go of your fear of success so that you can lean into the Capricorn energy and make the most of it. If you're feeling motivated to get work done, but are held back by lingering fears and anxieties that you can't exactly put your finger on, give this trance a chance to unpack that for you and help you break out of your own way.

Mid-Work Day Mediation

If you're literally in the middle of your work day, but feel like you're not getting the results you want, can't stay focused or need to reset, step outside or plug in your headphones at your desk and give this quick meditation a listen. The gentle breathing exercises will help you to get your head back into your work flow and with a fresher perspective.

8 Hours Of Meditation

If you just need some on-going encouragement and focus, leave this meditation on in the background as you work and sleep. It's filled with motivational music, affirmations, inspirations and binaural beats.

Meditation For Relaxation

If you've been working your ass off this Capricorn season, pushing harder than you ever have before, you're likely feeling pretty good about yourself, but you're also probably pretty tired. Don't burn out before the season is over, just pause, listen to this relaxation mediation, give yourself a break and then get a second wind.