7 Meditations To Keep You Relaxed During November’s Powerful New Moon

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The first week of November delivers us a dark sky thanks to the Nov. 7 new moon in Scorpio. Whatever happened in the beams of Oct. 24's full moon might be treated to some deep reflection and resolution in the dark. If the intensity of a Scorpio new moon is already stirring a headache, don't worry, there are meditations for the Nov. new moon that will guide you through this lunar transition. And then the only thing that will be stirring is sugar into a calming cup of chamomile.

Halloween might be over, but the cobwebs from October's full moon and, you know, all those never ending retrogrades are still lingering. It's time to take a spiritual duster and do some late fall cleansing so we can forge forward into the new lunar cycle, new month, and soon a new year.

New moons are about starting something fresh, but with Scorpio's energy, it can be more about clearing the way. Just as you would shovel snow from a sidewalk. But before we can manifest and skip ahead to the resolution, we must face the climax. According to Forever Conscious, "While things may come to a head on this new moon, it is likely that this climax will lead to a resolution and a way to move forward and find forgiveness." When we say sorry — whether to ourselves or to someone — it allows us to move on. Don't worry, there are meditations for that.

As the November new moon kicks off the next lunar cycle and our spiritual path forward, we'll have to deal with the dark before even getting a stream of illumination from a smart phone flashlight on the positive path forward. So, plump up your most beloved meditation cushion and conjure YouTube to your screen. There are multiple meditations that can sweep you through this new moon in Scorpio — and sweep up those proverbial cobwebs.

New Moon in Scorpio Meditation

What better way to welcome an intense new moon than meditating directly on it?

Releasing Anger and Resentment

You don't have to have Scorpio in your chart to feel a spectrum of emotions. We all ~feel the feels~. Especially after being smacked around by retrograde after retrograde. A breather, a chance to rehydrate, would be greatly appreciated before hopping back into the planetary ring. This meditation helps cleanse any anger or resentment so you can better approach the new season and more clearly achieve the goals you have written in your journal.

Dealing with Conflict Meditation

Scorpio knows a thing or two about ~emotions~ taking over. Things can get heated, quickly. When the new moon rises — or rather, appears not to (hello, darkness) — meditate on empathy and compassion to better handle the surge of strong emotions.

Self Love Meditation

According to Moon Calendar, "Moon in Scorpio creates the need to delve into your feelings as deep as possible. You desire meaningful emotional exchanges now more than at any other time even if it is not easy and you are forced to change many things." On Nov. 7 that meaningful emotional exchange could be between you and yourself. It never hurts to work on the positive relationship you have with your true self. Especially after a whirlwind of retrogrades that have had us all reflecting on the past. Get in tune with who you are, embrace the hair-flipping confidence, and shimmy down the path you hope to manifest.

Forgiveness Meditation

This month's particular new moon is about forgiveness. Astrology King writes, "The New Moon November 2018 astrology points to a spiritual transformation through empathy and forgiveness. This is a good new moon to say sorry for past mistakes so you can follow your dreams free of guilt or shame." Even though full moons are typical for letting go and new moons are to sow new seeds, this Scorpio new moon asks us to resolve something first. Whether you're forgiving yourself or someone else, it's crucial to say you're sorry and accept the apology.

Positive Energy Meditation

This meditation is three hours and 30 seconds of music that should clear your surrounding air of suffocating negativity and infuse it with all the positive energy you need to move ahead. Listen to it before bed.

New Moon Meditation

Even if we all have to reflect and forgive before shifting our focus on manifesting, a new moon's energy is still about your vision board.