7 Mini Desserts You Have To Try At Trader Joe's

by Megan Grant
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Trader Joe's

What's better than capping off a stressful day with a plate of dessert? Whether it's one of those days you become BFFs with a pint of ice cream or you just want a little nibble, nothing bookends your day quite like something sweet. That said, with all the desserts available to you, your options can get a little overwhelming — in that case, you're going to love these seven mini desserts from Trader Joe's, so you can sample them all at once and live the indecisive dessert eater's dream. (That's the only proper way to eat dessert, FYI.)

That's right: Aside from the always happy employees in their fabulous Hawaiian-print shirts, the friendly neighborhood grocery store chain is also a whiz with teeny, tiny, sweet treats. You may have already gauged this by lingering in the cookie aisle longer than strictly necessary (SO MANY OPTIONS), but the mini desserts go way beyond your typical cookie and bonbon fare. Whether you're a chocolate lover or vanilla, a cookie person or more into pie, Trader Joe's has something for you. My recommendation is that you get two of each of these, but what do I know? Here are some mini dessert options you can get at Trader Joe's, and fully realize all your Instagrammy, delicious dessert dreams.


Dark Chocolate Ganache Mini Sheet Cakes

I don't typically use the words "moist and delicious" to describe anything, so I don't take this lightly. But Trader Joe's dark chocolate ganache mini sheet cake is exactly that. And because it's "mini," obviously this is one case where sharing is not caring. Pro-tip: pair this one with any of Trader Joe's obscenely delicious pints of ice cream, because honestly, what doesn't pair well with dark chocolate ganache?


Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Coins

Only Joe could be so brilliant as to combine two things so amazing as dark chocolate and money, and these mini dark chocolate mint coins are simply to die for. It's all too easy to eat the entire box in one sitting. I'm not saying that I've done that.*

*I've done that.


3.Bite Size Crispy Cookies Filled With Belgian Chocolate

Bite size crispy cookies filled with Belgian chocolate? I like all of those words. If you're feeling extra proper and want to do it like the royals do, enjoy them with a spot of tea that you drink with your pinkie in the air.


Thai Tea Mini Mochi

Every day is a great day when there's Thai tea mini mochi involved. They're the perfect little frozen treat especially for summer, when you need something small to help you cool down.

And! They get bonus points because although they look like ice cream and feel like ice cream, they're dairy-free, so all you lactose-intolerant people can enjoy without worries. Win!


Sweet As Pie

If there's a heaven, they're probably eating slab pies up there. Joe is an innovator, so he was like "Meh," when it came to making circular pies. Instead, he came up with this beauty, which is so cute and perfectly shaped that it brings a tear to my eye.


Joe-Joe's Slims

Joe-Joe's Slims — what words are there to describe them? We really thought Joe couldn't outdo himself with the original cookie, but he went and proved us wrong. The smaller version is crispy and chocolatey with that delicious vanilla creme filling sandwiched inside — perfect for the ultimate snacking. Enjoy with a glass of almond milk for a truly memorable experience.


Trader Joe’s Chantilly Cream Vanilla Bean

If the dark chocolate ganache version didn't quite pique your interest, maybe you're more of a Chantilly cream vanilla bean mini sheet cake type of person. No worries — Joe doesn't judge. The frosting is smooth and delicious and will make your taste buds do a happy dance.

Put some freshly sliced strawberries on top, and don't forget to snap a photo for the 'gram.

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