7 Mother-Daughter Zodiac Combinations That May Have A Hard Time Getting Along

Evgeny Atamanenko/Shutterstock

People use astrology to test for romantic compatibility all the time. But it can also give you insight into all the different relationships you have in your life. For instance, there's the one you have with your mother. If you and your mom often don't see eye-to-eye, you may have incompatible zodiac signs. According to an astrologer, there are some mother-daughter zodiac pairings that typically find it difficult to get along.

Every zodiac type approaches parenting differently. For instance, Fire moms are very action-oriented. "They may be loud, spirited, and have quick tempers," astrologer Natha Campanella tells Bustle. "But they're also able to 'let it go' and have fun much faster than other types."

Earth mothers tend to be more predictable and place value on things like reputation, details, and presentation. They tend to have a lot of rules, but they're great at keeping things running smoothly.

Air moms are constantly thinking and overthinking. According to Campanella, they're usually quick on their feet and can be counted on to find solutions to problems. While Water moms are the more emotional ones. They're very tuned into how their children are feeling, and are excellent nurturers.

Some zodiac types aren't as compatible as others. For instance, if you're a Fire sign, you may find an Earth sign mom to be a little too restricting for you. Because of that, clashing can happen. Here are some mother-daughter zodiac combinations that are potentially challenging, according to Campanella.