7 Super Inspiring Podcasts That'll Help You Get 2020 Off To The Best Start
by Lauren Sharkey
A young woman with curly red hair sitting on a couch while listening to a motivational podcast.
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January. The start of a new year and the start of the rest of your life. Or at least that's what many like to think. It's common for people to set new goals at the beginning of each year. Whether it's vowing to create that company you've long been thinking about or embarking on a journey toward a fitter you, any goal can be helped along by a motivational podcast or two.

Some podcasts fall into the inherently cheesy category, it's true. But there are plenty more offering practical advice and useful tips. Some are pretty serious; others take on the self-help space with a healthy dose of humour. Many feature expert (and sometimes celebrity) guests while others simply enlist the help of "normal" people who've found success in their everyday lives.

Want to learn from and be inspired by your own failures? Try Elizabeth Day's How To Fail. Need a detailed rundown of how Instagram grew into a social media behemoth? Head straight to NPR's How I Built This. Yearning for handy hints in everything from small talk to getting out of debt? Lifehacker's The Upgrade may just be the podcast for you.

Here's a few more auditory delights to spur you on in 2020.


By The Book

Self-help with a hilarious twist, By The Book sees hosts Kristen Meinzer and Jolenta Greenberg live by the rules of countless self-help books. Which tips actually work? And which advice should you leave behind in 2019? Listen each week to find out.

Listen here.


TED Radio Hour


If you can spend hours watching TED talks, you're in for a treat with this podcast. Every episode takes on a different theme, using existing TED talks to delve deeper into concepts such as wisdom, creativity, and risk.

Listen here.


How To Fail with Elizabeth Day

Elizabeth Day

In life, things are bound to go wrong. But it's what we do with our defeats that counts. In this podcast, Elizabeth Day speaks to a wide range of people the world deems to be successful about their failures and the lessons gleaned. Lily Allen, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Jess Phillips, and the hot priest himself (Andrew Scott) have all featured so far.

Listen here.


Black Girl In Om

Hosted by Black Girl In Om founder Lauren Ash, this wellness-centred podcast was made for women of colour. With the all-female guests including yogis, academics, and artists, each episode will leave listeners feeling boosted and ready to take on the day.

Listen here.


How's Work?

Well-known therapist Esther Perel is the host of How's Work: a deep dive into the relationships that hold up and tear down the workplace. If you're struggling to get on with a collegue or planning to go into business with a friend or family member, the advice offered will light the way in your own work life.

Listen here.


The Upgrade by Lifehacker

Dying to know how to master public speaking? What about the art of decision-making or negotiating? Maybe you even need advice on how to end a particularly toxic friendship or want to make the most of your mornings in 2020. Hosted by Melissa Kirsch and Alice Bradley, The Upgrade invites professional guests who've been there and done it or, at the very least, have the expert knowledge on how to handle the situation.

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How I Built This


Thinking of starting your own business this year? Press play on How I Built This for useful insights into how individuals started and grew hugely successful companies, from Instagram and Spanx to Shopify and meditation app Headspace.

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