10 Podcasts To Download If You Have A Short Attention Span


There is a podcast for most every occasion. Taking a road trip? There are plenty of podcasts perfect for long commutes. Need a pick-me-up? Why not check out some podcasts to help start your day off right. Don’t have a lot of time or patience or much of an attention span? Fear not, there are even short podcasts to keep your attention that are just a play button away.

If you’re in a podcast rut, finding a new series to listen to can be tricky. There are more minutes of podcasts available than any of us know what to do with. There's a nearly equal number of podcast round-up lists telling you which podcasts to listen to if you’re feeling anxious or stressed or burnt out. I mean, hi hello, you’re reading one of them right now. (Meta Podcast List is meta.) One easy way to find a new podcast that you’ll likely be into is to look into the podcast network of some of your favorite podcasts. Love Las Culturistas? You’ll probably be into more of the Forever Dog comedy podcasts. Missing 2 Dope Queens? See what other podcasts WNYC has to offer. Chances are if they produced one podcast you like, they’ve produced another one that’ll be up your alley.

If you’re short on time and attention span — and honestly, who isn’t? How many times have you checked your phone while reading this piece? — and looking for something brief, here are 10 podcasts with episodes that tend to run under 20 minutes.