7 Places Every Aspiring Writer Should Add To Their Travel Bucket List

by Melissa Ragsdale

For those who are privileged enough to afford it financially, physically, and otherwise, traveling is a wonderful way for writers to expand their horizons. Writers are inherently curious, so it's natural that as a writer, you would want to explore as much as possible. The world has so many wonders, that any trip you take is sure to inspire new ideas in exhilarating ways.

Che Guevera wrote, "Let the world change you, and you can change the world." I believe the same spirit holds true for writing. The more of the world you experience, the better your writing becomes. I personally want to see every inch of the world, and I want to write about it all.

Imagine this: You've got your notebook and a pen, and you're looking out across a fantastically beautiful landscape. Or you're sitting at a cafe in a bustling new city. Or you're talking to locals and soaking in their stories. No matter what kind of writing you do, there are so many ways in which traveling can connect you to new ideas.

Here are some destinations that are sure to inspire any writer. These places boast beautiful landscapes, rich literary cultures, and long histories of supporting the writing life. As you make your summer travel plans, keep these spots in mind.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Writing under the Northern Lights is certain to be a breathtaking experience. But did you also know that Iceland has a thriving literary scene? Reykjavik is filled with independent bookshops that will make every writer swoon.

Connemara, Ireland

Ireland has churned out some amazing writers, and it's no wonder why. Every inch of this country is beautiful, and the Connemara region is particularly stunning. You won't want to leave, but when you're done here, pop over to Dublin, a city that celebrates literature on every corner.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The city that inspired Borges and many other writers, how could you not make a trip here? Buenos Aires has its own special, old world magic to it. Plus, with tons of bookstores, libraries, and cafes, it's the perfect stomping ground for the literary-minded.

Portland, Oregon

Portland is filled with artists of all flavors. A paradise of the weird and wonderful, Portland's vibrant culture encourages imagination and stepping outside the box. Plus it's home to Powell's, one of the best bookstores in the world, and countless other gems.

Edinburgh, Scotland

When I visited Edinburgh, I was blown away by the way that they treasure writers. Not only is this city and its surrounding country drop-dead-gorgeous, but it's buzzing with stories waiting to find you. (Plus, the Fringe Festival is a must for any creative!)

Kyoto, Japan

Japan is brimming with imagination, beauty, and spirituality. The gorgeous city of Kyoto is known for its spiritual culture, filled with temples, old world relics, and beautiful gardens. The perfect place to discover something new.

Paris, France

Paris is a cultural and artistic hub that you can't miss. Draw inspiration from one of the many art museums, from people-watching from a cafe, or from scenic views on the Seine.