7 Deals & Freebies You Can Score On National Bagel Day

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It is the most wonderful time of the year. National Bagel Day is upon us. This hole-y holiday falls on Saturday, Feb. 9 and there are National Bagel Day 2019 deals and freebies to help you celebrate. Which you are obviously planning on doing. Because bagels are perfect. Each bite offers a chewy-crusty contrast and is therefore, blissful.

There has been some National Bagel Day ~drama~ in 2019 as rumors swirled that the date was being moved back to Jan. 15. This is because Feb. 9 also happens to be National Pizza Day. Though, I'd like to take this moment to argue that this is an occurrence that makes the general gluten eating population #blessed. If there were any two food items to overlap National Days it should be bagels and pizza, a most harmonious and celebrated pair.

Also, according to National Day Calendar, the usual date of Feb. 9 still stands. And the deals available by national and international bagel places solidifies the special day. From coupons that will get you ~multiple~ free bagels to a free schmear with a free bagel to deals that give back, there is every reason to get yourself a bagel on Saturday. For free, probably. If you don't see a deal near you, offers are still ~rolling out~! Call your local bagel shops to see if they have any special promotions to share!

Free Bagel at Einstein Bros. Bagels

Want a free schmear with your free bagel? Of course you do! Einstein Bros. Bagels is literally spreading the love on Feb. 9 for National Bagel Day to all guests who come to celebrate this glorious day of the bagel.

BIGGBY Coffee Half Off Bragel Sandwiches

If you find yourself in close proximity to BIGGBY Coffee, you'll enjoy half off your Bragel Sandwich on Feb. 9. A whole breakfast for the half the price!

Free Bagelizza's in London

Do not faint when I share this Bagel Day freebie. But do make sure that you are in London on Feb. 9. Mulberry Street Pizza, locating in Notting Hill, will be giving away free 12-inch bagel pizza hybrids, dubbed the Bagelizza. This pure, sweet generosity will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.

3 Free Bagels At Bruegger's Bagel with Coupon

If you're an Inner Circle member at Bruegger's Bagels you might have received a coupon on Jan. 24 for ~3 free bagels~. The promotion was in celebration of Bruegger's 36th anniversary but is valid through National Bagel Day. Not in the Inner Circle? You can be! And I assure you, with promotions like this, you want to be. Just sign up to receive the coupon and receive your bagels for the price of your e-mail address.

Free Egg and Cheese Bagel Pocket

According to National Calendar Day, bagel franchise Brooklyn Water Bagel will add a free Egg and Cheese Bagel Pocket to your to-go bag with the purchase of any bagel pocket.

Free Bagel and Schmear at Noah's Bagels

Noah's New York Bagel Company would love your company Saturday morning to celebrate the hole-y holiday that is National Bagel Day. With a purchase, customers will enjoy a free bagel and schmear!

.50 Cents Donated With Each Purchase At Chompie's

Arizona's New York Deli Chompie's is offering a different type of deal on National Bagel Day. For the month of February Chompie's is teaming up with United Food Bank to #ChompOutHunger. When you purchase a bagel on Feb. 9, Chompie's will donate 50 cents to the United Food Bank.