7 National Cheese Pizza Day Deals & Freebies To Take Advantage Of Wednesday

Shannon O'Hara/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While everyone else is focused on fall and all things back to school and pumpkin-themed, I'm thinking about pizza. To some extent, I'm always thinking about pizza so that's nothing new, but today I'm thinking about pizza because Sept. 5 is National Cheese Pizza Day. Yes, that's right ~cheese~ pizza gets its ver own national holiday and rightfully so! Honestly I'm offended that pepperoni pizza hasn't been granted its own holiday but I'm confident it's a possibility for the future. More importantly, you probably want to know all about the National Cheese Pizza Day deals and freebies, because what better way to celebrate the holiday than by eating a lot of pizza, for cheap or for free? Spoiler alter: there is no better way. Free pizza tastes better!

Restaurants all over the country are joining in on the pizza day spirit, ceasing any and every opportunity to celebrate their love of pizza with their customer's love of their pizza. From discounted pies, to buy one get one free deals, to free pizzas and chances to win a free pizza parties, there's a lot of deals you're going to want to know about. Below I've rounded up a few National Cheese Pizza Day deals that you'll definitely want to cash in on, if possible. If none of these deals are local for you, you might want to consider a totally different approach to the holiday — make your own personal pizza pie! That's right, if you don't have local access to a National Cheese Pizza Day deal, get yourself some pizza dough, some tomato sauce and all your favorite cheeses and make your own dream pizza. Be your own hero! Whatever you do, make sure you eat some cheese pizza, that's an order.

Paragon Theaters

Buy one cheese pizza and get another pizza totally free. Good luck trying to think of anything more wonderful than watching a movie while eating a free pizza. It's impossible. Also good luck trying to see a movie in a theater where someone else is eating a pizza and not ordering one for yourself.

Einstein Bros Bagels

Awaken your appetite for nostalgia and run to Einstein Bros Bagels to get a free drink with purchase of a pizza bagel. As if you needed an excuse to order yourself a pizza bagel!

Hot Box Pizza

To celebrate the national holiday, Hot Box Pizza is offering $8 large pizzas, all day, but one day only! Follow them on Twitter for weekly deals and chances to win free pies regularly, too.

Lotsa Stone Fired Pizza

If you retweet this post and tag a friend, you're automatically registered for a chance to win a free pizza party in honor of National Cheese Pizza Day.

Brixx Wood Brick Oven Pizza

To get a free cheese pizza at Brixx Wood, all you have to do is show them this tweet. Aka, this is a deal for loyal Twitter followers, and now you, too.

PT Tavern

If you happen to be in Vegas this week, indulge in this giant cheesy flatbread pizza at PT Taverns. All day, you'll be able to get a mozzarella flatbread for only $8.

Rockin Jump

Jump on a trampoline and then save $4 on a large cheese pizza, but definitely don't do things the other way around.