7 National Dog Day Deals & Freebies To Help You Celebrate Your Furry BFF

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If you're always looking for reasons to celebrate the very existence of puppies, you have even more reason to rejoice than usual. National Dog Day 2019 is Aug. 26, and it is going to be epic. Because in cities across the United States, there are National Dog Day deals and freebies waiting just for you and your closest furball friend.

Founded in 2004 to encourage both celebration and adoption of pups of all types and ages, National Dog Day calls attention to "the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year," according to the day's website. The day also "acknowledges family dogs and dogs that work selflessly each day to save lives, keep us safe and bring comfort."

And for those of you who are considering bringing a pup friend into your family, National Dog Day founder Colleen Paige wants to remind you that adopting saves furry lives. "Dogs are amazing, courageous, sensitive and sentient beings that deserve compassion and respect," Paige says in a statement on the National Dog Day website. "Please consider bringing what was once considered 'unwanted love,' into your heart and home on National Dog Day!"

So how can you best celebrate National Dog Day? Fortunately for pup family members and admirers everywhere, many cities are playing host to an abundance of dog-friendly events. In addition to the list below, make sure to look out for dog happenings in your area. Here are seven deals and freebies to look out for this National Dog Day.


Grab A Hotel (For Dogs)

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If you find yourself in Idaho during National Dog Day, Hotel Ketchum is planning to offer complimentary upgrades for humans who bring their dog family members. In addition to hosting a Yappy Hour (that's right: happy hour for dogs) featuring wine and bear for humans and treats for pups, Hotel Ketchum will be donating 100% of all pet fees collected during National Dog Day to animal rescue Mountain Humane.

Check out hotels in your local area to see if they're celebrating, too!


Take Your Pup Out To Eat

The Spillover, a seafood spot in Miami, wants to treat your dog to a free meal for National Dog Day. Your dog can choose between chicken and rice or meatballs and vegetables. And the best part about it? You can bring all your friends' dogs with you, too: the free offer is as good for as many as six pups per table.

And The Spillover isn't the only restaurant looking to thank your dog for existing by offering free noms. At Tuco & Blondie in Chicago, for example, pups who can normally get a bark-rito (yep, that's a a burrito for barkers) for $5 will get free noms on National Dog Day.


Mix & Mingle

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Not staying in a hotel, but still want your pups to have a fancy hotel experience? The Hotel Indigo Lower East Side in New York City is opening its doors to guests and locals with doggie friends. For what, you may ask? For a Yappy Hour in partnership with The Humane Society of New York so that your dogs can mingle with new and old friends. And the real benefit of the whole affair is that you can meet puppies up for adoption while your dog enjoys complimentary dog treats and toys. (Ah, to be a pup!)


Puppy Obstacle Course

If your pup's idea of a perfect National Dog Day is barking their way through an obstacle course for dogs in a safe, gated dog park, Cerveza Patagonia is sponsoring the perfect event at Gro Wynwood in Miami. And while your furball enjoys playing in their eco-friendly pop up, you can kick back and chill with live music and a bucket of beer. Everybody wins!


Dog Washes Galore

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Who doesn't want a free dog wash on National Dog Day? Pups and pup-friendly humans across Philadelphia, it's your time to shine. The Kimpton Hotel Monaco Philadelphia is hosting is annual pup-fest to celebrate the holiday. Free dog washes will accompany dog caricatures (who doesn't want to bring one of those works of art home?), a photo booth, and dog-friendly treats from Big Gay Ice Cream. And the best part? Local shelter Lulu's Rescue will be rocking it out at a festival with doggos waiting to be adopted... maybe by you!


Hang Out At The Dog Park

Don't have a furry friend of your own? Ask to babysit a friend's and take them to your local dog park. Free all year-round, these parks let pups socialize with new and old friends (and their humans can do the same). Just make sure you shut those double gates behind you, and let the dog-driven fun commence.


Adopt, Adopt, Adopt

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According to the National Dog Day's website, Aug. 26 becomes the family birthday for dogs across the country each year. If you're considering bringing a new friend home sometime soon, National Dog Day is a great day to adopt. Bringing your dog home amidst a sweeping sense of community and celebration can only bode well for the loving relationship you're building for years to come.


And one last thing. Though it's not technically free, if you can on this National Dog Day, consider donating to your local animal shelter. Pups everywhere will thank you. And really, what better way could there be to celebrate dogs?