Anastastia Beverly Hills Is Launching Your Dream Foundation That Comes In 50 Shades

This week there has honestly been so much to keep up with in the beauty 'biz. I feel like everywhere I turn there is an exciting new launch that's already out or will soon be released, and honestly there's just so much to got on board with if you're a beauty buff. The following five new beauty launches are especially exciting; allow me to explain.

First up this week, there's a fragrance discovery set from Harvey Nichols that was created in collaboration with scent experts The Perfume Society, and which would make the most amazing present for fragrance fans. Also smelling delicious this week is a new shampoo and conditioner set, which has an aroma of coconuts and bananas, so is basically summer in a bottle. Then there's Lush's new shower jellies, which as well as smelling amazing also just look so so fun and cool.

As well as these scented goodies, there are two new upcoming launches that despite not being out just yet, were way to exciting not to include this week. For skincare, there's a new exfoliating mask that will make you glow like never before, as well as a foundation that boasts an incredible 50 shades, and has three different undertones. I am seriously impressed with the new era of foundation launches that speak to all skin shades and tones, meaning everyone can find their match. From Urban Decay to Charlotte Tilbury, it seems brands are finally starting to become more diverse.

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