7 New Traditions To Start On Father's Day


Tell me if this sounds familiar: Every Father's Day is always just like the last. You give him a tie, he throws a few steaks on the grill, someone gives him a card, and then he falls asleep in his recliner watching Jeopardy. If it feels like it's time to switch things up, here are seven new traditions to start on Father's Day that are special, fairly simple to pull off, and are certain to warm Dad's heart and put a smile on his face.

Father's Day traditions look different all around the globe. According to TIME, the holiday is celebrated in Germany by organizing gatherings like hikes, with plenty of food and alcohol. (Sign me up!) In Thailand, they celebrate fathers on the birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The King gives a speech, and people give their dads and grandfathers the Canna flower.

Maybe flowers aren't quite your dad's jam. No problemo. There are plenty of other traditions you can start this year that he'll look forward to for years to come. All that matters is that it feels special to your family. Celebrate the father or father figure in your life with one of these seven traditions that are perfect to start this Father's Day.


Serve Him Breakfast In Bed


Whoever said breakfast in bed was only a mom thing was seriously mistaken. Everyone loves breakfast. Everyone loves bed. Your dad is no different.

You can rest assured you'll never hear him say, "Meh, no thanks. I don't want pancakes and bacon served to me while I'm laying in bed in my flannels and watching the game." Every Father's Day, treat him like the king he is by greeting him upon waking from his beauty sleep with his favorite brekky.


Give Him A Handwritten Letter

"Can't I just send him a text?" you're asking. No, no you cannot. This is Father's Day! Dad hates cellphones, anyway. Sit down and put the time and effort into writing him something sincere and heartfelt each year. He's going to know how much thought you put into it, and he'll really appreciate that.


Donate To His Favorite Charity In His Name

Is there a special cause that your dad is particularly passionate about? Maybe he wants to help animals through the SPCA or donate to finding a cure with the Alzheimer's Association. A monetary donation is a touching, generous, and selfless Father's Day tradition to start this year.


Pamper Him With A Spa Day

Dad needs a little TLC too, even if it's just sending him to the barber for a trim and a shave. If you really want to go the extra mile, though, consider a massage and a facial. He'll be so relaxed and his pores will feel like a million bucks. Treat him to this every Father's Day and he's going to feel like a new man.


Make It A Family Reunion

What better excuse to get the whole family together? Yes, even your Aunt Roberta with her bone-crushing hugs. After all, your dad is loved and appreciated by the whole fam. They'll love coming together to celebrate him and all the other dads in your family. Hold a giant BBQ and be sure to snap a photo each year, so you can cherish these memories forever.


Plan An Outing For Him And His Dad Friends

I'm not saying your dad wouldn't love to spend time with you. It's just that, well, maybe he would love to spend time with somebody else more! Round up his favorite pals and plan some dad-ly fun for the whole gang. They can spend a few hours drinking beer and telling dad jokes, or whatever it is they like to do when they get together.


Get Outdoors


There's so much to be explored in the world, and you can't do it sitting on the couch. Moving forward, for Father's Day, plan an outdoor adventure — whether it's to a local park, a nearby lake, or even a day trip hiking up in the mountains. Spend some time with pops under the rays and share special moments you'll hold onto for eternity. Aw.