Sandi Toksvig's Best 'Bake Off' Moments Include The Destruction Of A Fairly Important Cake

Great British Bake Off / Channel 4

News that Sandi Toksvig is leaving The Great British Bake Off will come as a devastating blow to fans of the Channel 4 competition. The presenter has fronted the baking bonanza since 2017, and after three years at the helm, it appears Toksvig is ready to move onto new ventures. However, instead of wallowing in our own misery, what better way to celebrate her time on the series than to look back at her greatest moments? So, in order to do so, here are some of Sandi Toksvig's best moments on Bake Off, and you're very welcome.

With comedian Noel Fielding at her side, the now former-Bake Off host has hilariously overseen the efforts of Britain's most promising bakers, however, as the BBC reports, Toksvig is quitting the Channel 4 staple in order to "spend more time" on other projects. In a statement, the presenter went on to describe her Bake Off experience as one of "the great pleasures" of her entire life, so, it sounds as if Sandi will miss the series just as much as we'll miss her — and to ease our sorrow, here's a recap of the Great British Bake Off star's finest moments.


Sandi Destroys Krishnan Guru Murthy's cake

Every so often, viewers are treated to a celebrity edition of the hit baking series — and during one particular star-studded episode, Toksvig perhaps committed the worst Bake Off crime imaginable, when she completely destroyed Krishnan Guru Murthy's cake. Granted, it was an accident, but it did make for some hilarious viewing, although its probably a moment she'd rather forget.


A Contestant Accidentally Insults Sandi

In between all the competition, decorative bunting, and, as the title suggests, baking, one of the show's greatest elements can be found in the hosts' interactions with competing bakers. During one hilarious moment, Sandi was slightly taken aback when a contestant quipped that "joking can only get you so far" — after which the comedian sarcastically replied "thanks a lot." Now, I'm sure he didn't intend any offence, but this is a perfect example of the Bake Off host's unmatched wit.


Sandi steps into replace a celebrity baker

Channel 4

During last year's The Great Celebrity Bake Off, the unthinkable happened when Toksvig swapped her usual hosting duties to become an actual competing baker. As Digital Spy reports, this monumental Bake Off twist arrived after all-star contestant, Big Narstie, was forced to withdraw due to illness. Narstie's presence was indeed missed, however, I, for one, couldn't think of a better replacement.


Sandi Gets A Paul Hollywood Handshake

Now, Bake Off enthusiasts will be well aware that its every contestants dream to be blessed with one of Paul Hollywood's famous handshakes. The gesture has become known as the ultimate seal of approval, and during Sandi's short but sweet Bake Off journey, she received exactly that. Well done.


Sandi's Hot Air Balloon Debut

Channel 4

Following the show's move to Channel 4, the introduction of two brand new presenters was a major change for fans during that time. However, within seconds of Sandi and Noel's epic arrival — which involved their very own hot air balloon — it became clear that Bake Off was entering a brilliant new era.


Sandi Sends Noel Home

Channel 4

Don't panic, Fielding isn't going anywhere (hopefully), but during one episode of the hit baking series, Sandi suggested that judges Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood should eliminate Fielding from the competition. In true Toksvig fashion, this was indeed a joke, which aimed to relive the pressures of actually having to send one baker home. However, the moment perfectly illustrated her on-screen banter with the Bake Off team — and we're sure going to miss it.


Her Relationship With Noel Fielding

Channel 4

Time to get soppy, because without doubt, one of Sandi's best moments on the show was her relationship with co-host, Noel Fielding. The unlikely duo joined the series together back in 2017, and due to their quick wit and genuine love for the show, Fielding and Toksvig became an instant hit with Bake Off viewers. As it stands, we're not sure who will step into replace Sandi, but one thing's for sure, they have some big shoes to fill.