7 Organizations To Donate To That Help Provide Period Products To Migrant Women & Girls

by Kaitlyn Wylde

For many, having to make an impromptu pharmacy run is the extent of period-related complications we endure. But for many other women around the world, particularly women who have left their home countries in pursuit of a better life, period products are a luxury that they don't have regular access to. If you're considering a philanthropic effort to bridge the gap between women who have the resources they deserve and the women who do not, you'll want to familiarize yourself with organizations to donate to to help migrant women and girls get period products.

In the U.S. alone, there are nearly 30 million female migrants who are unable to afford, or find access to period products. Beyond the general stress and discomfort of not having adequate resources, having improper or insufficient period products can pose health risks and increase the chances of sexual assault. As reported by Teen Vogue, women are at an increased risk of sexual violence both on the road and in migrant facilities due to the fact that they're having to spend more time undressing, washing, and seeking private places to dispose of used materials.

Even a minor donation goes along way with period products, so if you want to support women and girls in a tangible way, check out these organizations that take the profound stress out of periods for women seeking better lives, whose periods hold them back.

Support The Girls

Support the Girls is a a Maryland-based nonprofit organization that donates period products (and bras) to women in need. Fun fact: over the course of two days, it sent more than 13,000 products to migrants at the Texas border.

Conscious Period

Conscious Period donate a box of period products for every box that you purchase. If you want to make a big impact, sign up for the monthly subscription service and donate products every month, without lifting a finger.

Bloody Good Period

Bloody Good Period, the London-based company, supplies 25 different asylum-seeker drop-in centers with period products. You can pick from a variety of product bundles to donate your money to, or you can enter a custom amount.


Thinx, the period-proof underpants company, makes tons of donations each year to organizations both small and large that help women get the period products they deserve. For each product purchased, you're directly supporting a donation.

Distributing Dignity

Distributing Dignity is an organization that partners with many other nonprofits to service women who do not have access to period products. To donate, you can offer money, volunteer hours, or help indirectly through affiliates like Amazon.

Happy Period

Happy Period is an organization that helps women in need get access to period products, clean underwear, cleaning agents and educational resources. When you donate, you receive a #HappyPeriod box of goodies with the kit bags.

Ruby Cups

Ruby Cups are safe menstrual care products that make it possible for women and girls with have limited access to resources, carry on with their life during their period. For every cup you buy, one is donated to a woman or girl in need.