The Original 'Mulan' References In The Live-Action Trailer Include "Reflection"

Who is that girl you see, staring straight back at you? That's Mulan, just not in animated form this time. A new trailer for the highly anticipated live-action adaptation of the iconic Disney animated film is here, and while some people may be wary of the many apparent changes in the new movie, they should fear not. There are many original Mulan references in the new trailer. And fair warning: some of them just might make you tear up a little.

The new film's storyline is essentially the same one as fans have come to love. Liu Yifei stars as Mulan, a budding warrior who forgoes the expected path of marriage and poses as a man in order to fight in place of her father in the Chinese army. Admittedly, there are some significant changes, including some exciting new faces in the form of Mulan's new sister, Hua Xiu, and a villainous witch. Of course, the biggest change is the lack of musical numbers — don't expect Mulan to burst into song while training.

But for the most part, the new Mulan should still have fans in their nostalgic feels thanks to these references to the original animated classic they know and love.



Walt Disney Studios / YouTube

While there's no music or singing characters in the new live-action movie, the animated film's signature anthem "Reflection" is still represented in the new trailer through an utterly grand, swelling orchestral version that plays in the trailer. In one word: chills.



Walt Disney Studios / YouTube

Mushu the dragon might not be in the new Mulan, but the ancestors he represented are. In the new trailer, Mulan's father is seen praying to the ancestors to protect her, leading to a shot of a majestic red bird, suggesting that this bird represents the spirit of the ancestors, just like Mushu. The bird might not be called Mushu, but the trailer is definitely hinting that it could be Mulan's most trusted companion.


The Rooftop Pose

Walt Disney Studios / YouTube

That awe-inspiring scene where Mulan stands defiantly on a rooftop pointing her sword at the enemy is back once again. And this time, it's in glorious high definition. Truly, it's the definition of iconic.


The Hair Comb

Walt Disney Studios / YouTube

The new trailer also gives fans a look at Mulan's stunning orchid hairpin — the one that you wanted to cop as a five-year-old kid after you watched Mulan for the first time. It's so much prettier in real life, isn't it?


The Lipstick

Walt Disney Studios / YouTube

You can't have the beautiful hair comb without Mulan's iconic red lipstick, can you? It would be sacrilegious.


"I'll Make A Man Out Of You"

Walt Disney Studios / YouTube

While there's no singing and dancing in this film, there's another classic Mulan musical number that gets a sly nod. A training officer declares to his army, including Mulan in disguise, that he would "make men out of every single one of you." What he doesn't know is that Mulan becomes a better man and woman than everyone else.


"I Will Bring Honor To Us All"

Walt Disney Studios / YouTube

At the end of the trailer, Mulan confidently declares what is perhaps the film's most important quote: "I will bring honor to us all." And then everyone felt chills up our spines and tears rolling down our eyes.