7 Pairs Of Super Strong Tights That Will Last All The Way Through Winter

Stocksy / Lumina

Tights, tights, tights. Easily the bane of any woman's life, they can quickly become expensive, especially if you're the clumsy type. (Guilty.) Finding super strong tights that won't ladder as soon as you so much as go near them can prove to be a bit of an experiment. Luckily, lots of people have done the trial and error work for you.

Many brands claim to have top-notch ladder-resistant technology, but sometimes fail to live up to their promises. Despite some of the following tights being a little pricier than your average pair, they really will last the entire winter (and probably the one after).

Some are totally seamless, offering less chance of snagging. Others simply house some kind of magical tech that banishes ladders, even if you accidentally create a hole. Some come from your most loved high street stores and others are designed by independent brands that you should really get to know.

With nude, black, and semi-sheer options available, these tights will keep you warm on your morning commute and throughout the entire festive season. They're comfortable, strong, and essentially what women have always deserved in the hosiery department. Don't ask me why it has taken so long.

1A Bold Choice

The Bold


Each and every pair of Hedoine tights is created using state-of-the-art 3D printing techniques. You'll notice that they have zero seams, meaning there's no chance of those pesky holes appearing. According to the brand, the material is "as strong as steel" so there'll be no ladders making their way up your legs either. This 20 denier black pair feature a bold waistband which can be bought in either a low or high style. Available in UK small to large.

2A Diverse Pair

The Nude


Heist has a varied selection of nude tights, offering seven different 18 denier shades. As with all of the brand's tights, you can pick either a low or high waistband option. And if the colour turns out to not be the right one for you, you can get a full refund or exchange within 28 days. Available in UK size 6 to 14.

3The Easy-To-Pick-Up Pair

80 Denier Ladder Resist Opaque Black Tights


These tights are made with Lycra, giving you the stretch you need to put them on without any laddering. The material is pretty thick too so you'll have a hard job snagging them on any sharp objects. Plus you can easily pick them up on any high street. Available in three different sizes that will fit between a UK size 8 to 18.

4The Plus-Size Option

Curves Ladder Resist 15 Denier Tights

Pretty Polly

These reinforced tights are designed for plus-size women who like a sheer look. Available in XL and XXL, they come in three shades and feature a specially designed panel for comfort around the hip area.

5A Pair For When You're Trying To Pretend It's Not Winter

The Nude


Hedoine also offers a nude pair. Only one shade of nude is currently included in the super strong range. Sizing again ranges from small to large with small being the equivalent of a UK 4 to 8, medium equating to a UK 10 to 14, and a large corresponding to a UK 16 to 20.

6A Really Good Deal

Autograph 10 Denier Latter Resist Matt Tights

Marks & Spencer

These tights come in seven shades ranging from beige to navy and black. Marks & Spencer's ladder resist technology stops holes in their tracks and, with this pack, you get two tights for the price of one. Available in UK size S to XL.

7A Pair For When You're Really Cold

The Eighty


Heist is another tights brand that has hit headlines for its revolutionary design. Putting women first and foremost, each pair has a seamless and comfortable design with an adaptive waistband that works with your body. The brand sells four different styles (three of them are black) but this super thick black pair are by far the most winter-appropriate. Available in UK size 4 to 24.

Prepare to say goodbye to those pesky rips and ladders that travel the entire way up your leg. This winter it's all about seamless, ladder-free tights.