12 Plus Size Tights That Actually Stay Up


Typically, I'm not the most adventurous with my style, but I am, without a doubt, the Lady Gaga of tights. If they're brightly colored, patterned, or fishnet, I'm all over it. And I've been lucky enough to find a few plus size tights that don't slip down all day, and those are the ones I treasure most.

Sure, bare legs may be a trend and that's great if you're at the beach or frolicking around Coachella, but tights are great for everything else. They give your look polish, keep you warm on a chilly night, and keep your thighs chafe-free. As a lady with very chafable thighs, I appreciate the latter most.

The only downside to my tights addiction is that it's not always easy to find ones that fit properly. They can uncomfortably cut into your waist, roll down, or you end up with an MC Hammer-style crotch by the end of the work day. It's not fun. But there are all kinds of tights made to fit every shape and stay in place. So, you don't have to worry about shifting crotches or dug-in waistbands, there are comfortable, cute options out there for every body type.

If you haven't worn a pair of tights since Sunday school, it's time to give them another try. Take it from the Lady Gage of leg wear: there's a whole world of amazing plus size tights out there just waiting for you.


Fishnet Tights You Can Wear With Anything

Torrid Fishnet Tights (Torrid Sizes 1-4), $16, Amazon

Fishnets used to be reserved for Halloween Can-Can costumes only, but they're actually a really great every day option. The nice thing about these fishnets is that they have a lot of stretch and keep you a littler cooler when you need to wear tights in warm weather. You won't have to worry about adjusting these all day. Once these tights are on, they're not going anywhere. Plus, they're surprisingly comfortable! Everybody needs to get on fishnets, stat, and these should be the first ones you try.


Sheer Tights With An Amazing Variety Of Sizes

Donatella's Hosiery 20 Denier Pantyhose (Sizes 3X-7X Petite-Extra Tall), $9-$11 , Amazon

If you have trouble finding sheer tights that fit right and don't rip, you have to give these a try. The size range is truly wonderful. You don't just get 3X or 4X, but each size comes in short, long, and extra long to truly fit every person. The sheer look is great under any outfit and you won't mind wearing these at work all day.


Black Tights With Extra Stretch

Sonsee Full Tights (Sizes L-1X Plus), $27, Amazon

For your go-to pair of opaque black tights, give these a try. They have an anti-roll waistband that adds extra elastane gradually as they go up the body, so they'll stay in place without pinching. With 360 Stretch Technology, these tights completely move with you and feel like a second skin.


Printed Tights With A Geometric Look

Torrid Diamond Pointelle Knit Tights (Torrid Sizes 1-2), $27, Amazon

I'm a big fan of fun tights, so these are a dream come true. The diamond pattern can be edgy or elegant depending on how you style them and if you need tights for an outdoor event or for a summer date, these are incredibly breathable and won't keep you hot all night.


A Sheer Pair Of Tights With A Comfortable High Waist

Donatella's Hosiery 40 Denier Pantyhose (Sizes XXL Short-Extra Long), $9-$12, Amazon

I like my sheer tights to be a little bit thicker to add a bit of color to my alabaster skin. These medium sheer tights have a high waist for an easy fit and they also come in short, long, and extra long so the crotch area is guaranteed to stay in place.


Black Tights With A Silky Sheen

Just My Size Blackout Tight (Sizes 1X-4X), $9-11, Amazon

These tights are a great mix of opaque coverage with just a touch of sheer to let your lovely legs shine through. The material is extra soft and the stretch makes these really easy to wear for hours. The waistband is surprisingly comfortable, but strong enough to stay put.


Sheer Tights For A Range Of Skin Tones, With A Touch Of Shimmer

Berkshire Women's Silky Sheer Pantyhose (Sizes 1X-7X), $5-$14 , Amazon

Finding the right shade of sheer tight for your skin tone can be really difficult. Thankfully, there's this range of tights that's inclusive of more skin colors, plus they offer navy and shades of gray, if you'd like to switch things up. These tights have a slightly shimmery finish. You won't look like you swam in a pool of glitter, but they're not matte. With over 500 great reviews, these tights are tried and true gems.


The Black Tights That Will Keep You Warm

Torrid Microfiber Tights (Torrid Sizes 1-4), $19, Amazon

Do you work in one of those offices that's super cold even if it's 100 degrees outside? If so, you don't have to let your legs freeze off, you can wear these tights. The opaque microfiber tights have a ton of stretch with 90 percent nylon and 10 percent Spandex. Plus, they're thick enough to add some extra warmth to any outfit. If you're always the cold one, these tights might win your heart.


Lycra Tights Available In Every Color Of The Rainbow (And Then Some)

We Love Colors Lycra Tights 20 Colors (Sizes A/B-EE), $12-$16, Amazon

Colors! So many colorful tights! I'll be wearing bright teal tights till I'm 80 and if you'd like to join me, get these tights. They come in 20 colors from fuchsia to neon green, so you can have a full tights rainbow. The sizes have a lot of range and the nylon/lycra blend makes them stretchy and easy to wear.


A Sheer Black Tight With Super Stretch

Torrid Sheer Tights (Torrid Sizes 1-4), $17, Amazon

Sometimes you like opaque, sometimes you like sheer. If you're having a sheer day, these black tights are a great option. With 15 percent spandex and 85 percent nylon, you get a really stretchy fit and you get to let a little more of your leg show. Since your legs are awesome, these will showcase them beautifully.


Nylon Tights That Are Perfect For Work

Berkshire Women's All Day Sheer Control Top Pantyhose (Sizes 1X-6X), $5-$9, Amazon

Control top can be a pretty scary phrase, but these tights are super comfortable and are made to move with you, rather than restrict your every move. These sheer tights are 100 percent nylon and have a cotton crotch for extra breathability. With a range of neutral tones, you'll have something to match every outfit.


Opaque Tights With A Silky Finish

Just My Size Silky Tights (Sizes 2X-4X), $6-$20, Amazon

These soft microfiber tights have a silky look and feel with opaque coverage. The toe is sheer, so you won't get any weird lines popping out of your shoes. One user wrote "I am BEYOND THRILLED with these, and I wish they sold them in more colors...Very opaque tights, durable, and pretty warm, even. It's nice to have a pair of tights that don't try to ride down! You can pull these up high and they will STAY UP - great high waist!"

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