7 Politically Minded Book Clubs To Inspire Your Own Reading Group

"You need a list of general book club questions that will work for any discussion," writer Sadie Trombetta recommends. Shutterstock

Have you ever checked out the #bookstagram on Instagram? As of publication of this year, 33 million Instagram posts have been tagged with the hashtag, and another 1.8 million have been tagged #bookclub. Social networks have become a place for readers to connect, and book clubs are getting in on the action by engaging with readers online. Both online and offline, many of these book clubs are getting political, too.

On the list below, you’ll read about eight book clubs from around the world that are using fiction and nonfiction as a jumping off point for conversations about race, reproductive rights, faith, immigration, sexual assault, and more. For some of these readers, like Steph Farnsworth of the Spec Fic Book Club, "the book club provided wonderful support where we could talk about a story that was so fraught." For others, like Martissa Williams and Hannah Betts of Books + Yoga Roc, the book club is a spark they hope inspires their members to "move into the world more aware and ready to take action."

Community and discussion are the core tenets of book clubs, and if you're interested in launching your own politically-minded group, check out these insights from people who are already doing it: