7 Pumpkin Recipes To Help You Avoid Waste This Halloween

Andrey Pavlov / Stocksy

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a giant orange pumpkin with ghoulish faces. And Brits love them, with one fifth of us expected to visit a pumpkin patch this Halloween, according to a report from food and drink brand Knorr and environmental charity Hubbub. But our love of pumpkins is actually causing a scary amount of food waste, with a predicted 18,000 tonnes of edible pumpkins being binned this year. That's the equivalent of enough pumpkin pie to feed the British population more than five times over. Below are 7 pumpkin recipes to help you avoid food waste this Halloween.

It turns out pumpkins a totally overlooked superfood as, according to Knorr's report, a quarter of the nation (23.81%) didn’t know they could cook with the leftover flesh. Although carving pumpkins are bred to be large, with thin flesh, and are a bit more fibrous than their squash and gourd cousins, they are completely good to cook and eat. In fact, it’s all edible apart from the stalk.

Yes, it’s great to support your local farms and visit a pumpkin patch, but with 1.9 million tonnes of food wasted every year in the UK, we should be trying to avoid chucking stuff away whenever we can. So why not turn your halloween decoration into a delicious meal? Here are some pumpkin recipes that will save you from wasting this delicious edible squash: