7 Reasons To Look Forward To This Summer's Star-Studded Heist Comedy, 'Logan Lucky'

When it comes to summer movies, you have the right to be particular. There should be an adrenaline rush, a great cast, and a venue with cool temperatures (owing to all that glorious air conditioning in the movie theater). The ultimate summer movie this year is the Southern heist comedy Logan Lucky, which has all that and a bag of pork rinds.

If you’re not familiar with the movie, I’m about to clue you into everything you need to know. At the center of the story is a trio of siblings, Jimmy (Channing Tatum), Clyde (Adam Driver), and Mellie Logan (Riley Keough), who are from a rough-and-tumble family from the hills of West Virginia. In order to break a family curse, they get the brilliant (yet kinda crazy) idea to rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway during the legendary Coca-Cola 600 race. They enlist the help of an incarcerated explosives expert Joe Bang (Daniel Craig) to help do the dirty deed. But does everyone get out alive — and out of jail?!

Suffice it to say, we can’t wait for the movie to hit theaters on August 18th. But until then, let’s count down all the reasons we’ll be speeding like a champion racer to the premiere of Logan Lucky. Fasten your seat belts, kids! We’re going pedal-to-the-metal on this one.

The Ensemble Cast

In addition to Channing Tatum as Jimmy Logan, Adam Driver as his brother Clyde, and Riley Keough, playing their fast-talking sister Mellie Logan, the list of great cast-members goes on and on. There’s Daniel Craig, Katie Holmes, Seth MacFarlane, Sebastian Stan, Hilary Swank, Katherine Waterston, and country stars Dwight Yoakam and LeAnn Rimes. Plus, you may spot some of NASCAR’s finest.

The Brilliant (Yet Crazy) Schemes

We've all seen slick, A-list heist movies, but Logan Lucky promises to take things where they’ve never gone before…

The Family Unity

Speaking of schemes, the family that schemes together stays together. Sure, the Logans might be a bit rough around the edges, but they have each other’s backs. When Jimmy loses his job, brother Clyde is there to pour him a drink. When hecklers mess with Clyde, Jimmy is there to defend him. And of course, Mellie is always their taskmaster on whatever mission is going down. The Logans are thick as thieves.

The Auteur Treatment

With filmmaker Steven Soderbergh (Ocean's 11, 12, 13 and Magic Mike) at the helm of Logan Lucky, you know that it’s sure to be full of adrenaline, entertainment, and will be an overall fun ride.

You’ve Never Seen Channing Tatum Like This Before

You may not see him take off his shirt this time around, but a scruffy Channing Tatum is just what the doctor ordered.

Or, For That Matter, You’ve Never Seen Daniel Craig Like This Before

But speaking of taking one’s shirt off… there's Daniel Craig as Joe Bang! This platinum-haired 007 is funnier than we’ve ever seen him. Even if maybe we want him to keep his shirt on.

The Adrenaline Rush

Have you always dreamed of pulling off a heist with all of your favorite actors? All you need to do is buy a movie ticket, and they’ll take you on the ride of your life.

This article is sponsored by Logan Lucky, in theaters everywhere August 18.