The 'Logan Lucky' Trailer Features Channing Tatum & Adam Driver As The Brotherly Duo You Didn't Know You Needed — VIDEO

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While Channing Tatum and Adam Driver are nearly perfect as individuals, these two actors don't really seem like they could play brothers. Yet, the trailer for Logan Lucky is proving me so completely wrong. The first trailer for the Steven Soderbergh comedy was released on May 28 and features Tatum and Driver as brothers. And based on the trailer alone, you will not only be shocked by how well these two work as bumbling siblings, but you'll also be wishing that it was already Aug. 18 so that you can see these two Logan brothers in all their glory.

Ever since the 2011 film Haywire, Tatum has been a Soderbergh staple with the director making Magic Mike and Side Effects with the dancer/actor. Driver is new to Soderbergh's world, but with his ability to play dark and dramatic (like in Star Wars: The Force Awakens) or funny and bizarre (like in Girls), he obviously has what it takes to portray Tatum's one-armed brother in Logan Lucky. The quirky comedy has Tatum as Jimmy Logan and Driver as Clyde Logan trying to reverse a family curse by orchestrating a robbery at a NASCAR race. As Clyde only has one arm, the trailer highlights that Jimmy is defensive of his brother with Tatum punching out people in a bar for mocking Driver's character. And thanks to the tone of the film — mixing humor with some high-octane stunts — it looks like both Tatum and Driver will get to show off their action skills, as well as their comedic chops.

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Seriously, who knew that Tatum and Driver as slow-talking, dim-witted siblings was what I needed in my life right now?! Plus, the rest of the cast isn't too shabby either since, along with Riley Keough starring as their sister, Tatum and Driver are joined by Seth MacFarlane, Katherine Waterston, Sebastian Stan, Katie Holmes, Hilary Swank, and Daniel Craig. So if somehow Tatum and Driver as brothers in Logan Lucky wasn't enough to pique your interest in a heist film involving car racing, the rest of the cast surely should be.

As Tatum and Driver each have their own unique allures, Logan Lucky made a smart move by combining these men into one family. And I, for one, will want to have a front row seat for this brotherly love when Logan Lucky is released in August.