7 Recipes To Make With Your Easter Leftovers, Including An Epic Hot Cross Bun Pudding

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Easter is a wonderful time of year filled with long weekends and all-you-can-eat chocolate extravaganzas. Even though the joy of the holiday may be a little dulled this year due to everything going on, there will still hopefully be plenty of eating and enjoying some treats without any guilt. Sometimes, you can even find yourself with a little too much of something at Easter, whether it's chocolate or seasonal goods such as hot cross buns. But fear not; there are plenty of recipes to make with your Easter leftovers that'll keep you fuelled up for days.

If you have a sweet tooth, you're in luck. While most years many of us would come together for a big Easter Sunday meal, this year plenty of families will be spending the day apart, and without the big three course banquets. For this reason, I've stuck to leftover recipes that you can make with your excess chocolate and other sweet treats, as they may be more likely to be hanging around.

Our current global state is full of uncertainty and worry, but baking can really lift spirits and keep you distracted. I hope you enjoy these epic seven recipes, from hot cross bun & butter pudding to Simnel cake ice cream.

Hot Cross Buns = Bun & Butter Pudding

If you're a sucker for flavoured hot cross buns like me, there are plenty of recipes that'll get the best out of your leftover, ailing buns. This Chocolate Hot Cross Bun pudding by the BBC, for example, looks astounding. There's also this beautiful-looking Hot Cross Bun & Butter Pudding, by the BBC's GoodFood. Drool.

Milk Chocolate = Slow Cooker Fudge

I'm actually highly doubtful you'll have any of your easter egg chocolate leftover (particularly considering the amount of time we're now spending at home), but in case you find yourself burdened with excess choc (you poor thing), how about making this slow cooker fudge? There are several different versions, and you only need several other ingredients alongside milk chocolate to make it work.

Crunchie Bars = Chocolate Slices

I'm not personally the biggest fan of the humble Crunchie bar, but I don't mind it in baked goods. For that reason, I'd happily be up for making these Chocolate Crunchie slices, which actually require no time in the oven. Smart, huh?

Mini Eggs = Cookie Bars

Anne Green/Moment Open/Getty Images

Got bags and bags of mini eggs you want to do something cool with? I suggest giving Jane's Pattiserie's Mini Egg Cookie Bars a go. They honestly look epic. Want to really get in the mini egg mood? Why not try this mani while you're at it.

Simnel Cake = Ice Cream

Simnel Cake is perhaps the best known traditional Easter cake, but sometimes they can come up rather large. If you don't feel like you'll get through the whole thing, why not use it to make this delicious desert, simnel cake ice cream? It looks soooo good.

Vegan Chocolate = Cake

If you're a vegan, you can absolutely still eat chocolate, and you may find yourself with quite a lot of it around this time of year. Make this beautiful huge vegan chocolate cake with yours, which the BBC says is fairly easy. Right up my street, then.

Creme Eggs = Brownies

Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock

Not everyone is a huge fan of Creme Eggs, so if you find yourself the recipient of a Creme Egg easter egg and don't quite fancy it, why not spread the joy and make these Creme Egg brownies for your friends and family members? You could drop them at the doorstep of your nearest and dearest during your daily walk... while practising social distancing, ofc.