The Mother Of Dragons May Not Make It Through This Season Of 'GOT'

by Caroline Gerdes
Macall B. Polay/courtesy of HBO

Since the early, shocking death of Ned Stark, Game Of Thrones fans have known that no character is safe. And, as the HBO series marches forward into Season 7, fewer and fewer of the original main characters are still standing. But two characters, Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) and Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), still have an air of invincibility. Even when Jon died, fans (rightly) questioned the permanence of it. Other deaths, no matter how big the characters, were accepted as finite. It felt like bad storytelling to kill Jon at that point, or again, immediately after his resurrection. But, as the Game Of Thrones inches closer to putting someone on the Iron Throne, safety is not a given — not for Jon, and not even for Daenerys. These seven signs that Daenerys will die ought to strike fear into the heart of the Mother Of Dragons.

Unless HBO and the show's producers change their minds, only two seasons remain to wrap up the epic series, based on George R. R. Martin's A Song Of Ice And Fire books. Neither the books nor the show have been afraid to hold back when it comes to character deaths, which means that a lot more are probably in store before this thing is said and done. And since the show has now surpassed the plot of the book series, all bets are off on who will survive.

But given the narrative juxtaposition of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen from the start of the series (hello, ice and fire), it has always seemed as thought one of them will take the Iron Throne and one of them will not. And while it's still anyone's game in the fight for power, the series seems to be sneakily marking Dany for death and positioning Jon to win it all. Here are just a few reasons why fans might want to start worrying about Daenerys Targaryen:


Dany As A "Mad Queen"

Reddit user mathyoucough has a theory that Daenerys’ tragedies may drive her crazy — like her father. King Aerys II Targaryen was known as "the Mad King," which may foreshadow his daughter's fate. What if Daenerys's story has paralleled Jon Snow because she will become his antagonist, an unstable villain?


Jon Already Died

Just a thought here, but it was a lot of trouble to bring Jon Snow back to life in Season 6. If this whole thing has really been Jon vs. Dany all along, what was the point of bringing him back to life just to die in Season 7? (And I'm of the opinion that one of them has got to go.)

While I am not saying Jon is safe forever, killing him in this season would be treading on territory Game Of Thrones has already covered. Dany, on the other hand...


The Speech In Season 6

A Polygon article discussing Daenerys' fate drew parallels between Daenerys' speech in the sixth episode of Season 6 and Khal Drogo's address in Season 1, Episode 7. Writer Daniel Friedman pointed out that soon after delivering this speech and rallying his troops to go west, Drogo died. Could the same happen to Dany? Will she go the same way of her "sun and stars"?


Snow On The Iron Throne

When I wrote about Jon Snow's death before his resurrection, I discussed a vision that Dany has in the Season 2 finale episode, “Valar Morghulis." This sequence could be another instance of foreshadowing. And, if it is, things don't look good for her. She has a vision where she sees snow — actual precipitation snow — on the Iron Throne. Then Dany passes the throne and enters a room with Khal Drogo and her child, both alive.

So, they could be going literal with this: Daenerys passes up the Iron Throne to be with her dead loved ones. This vision would support the theory that Dany gets close to the Iron Throne but dies, leaving Jon Snow to become king of Westeros.


Her Dragons May Kill Her

The Internet is full of theories about Dany's dragons causing her demise. I have previously written about how some theorists have looked to Norse mythology to prove this, and others think her dragons may resent her because they are locked up and controlled. But, Winter Is Coming recently guessed that Daenerys may fall off Drogon and into the sea this season. Uh oh.

According to the blog, which follows filming locations and on set gossip, there is a lot of speculating being done about a waterside location called the Barrueco De Arriba. The blog has reported that several anonymous sources claim a "character will fall into the water and need to be rescued" and "that a dragon will be involved in the scene." Daenerys is the obvious guess.


She's Heading For Westeros

Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

When Season 6 left off, Dany was heading for Westeros. This is what her character has been working toward all along. The audience and Daenerys herself are both reaching the end of her quest. So, what is left for her to do? She can either fight and win control of the Seven Kingdoms, or die trying. Either way, her journey is almost over.


Kit Harrington Says So... Kind Of

Well, he was just kidding. The UK's Express reported that Kit Harrington has started fibbing to fans who ask him about spoilers. The article quoted Harrington as saying in a BBC Radio Two interview, "If they ask what happens this season I say, well, Daenerys dies, Tyrion loses a leg. I just go all out."

Harrington assured BBC listeners that he was kidding and added that, "If I actually came out and told you, you'd hate me for it." It's true. As much as fans want to know what happens next, they would hate to really be spoiled.

On the flip side, I hope that Harrington joking about Dany's death mean that the concept is ridiculous enough to laugh at. This may be grasping at straws, however. I guess fans will just have to wait to find answers in Season 7... which can't come soon enough.