7 Signs Your Idea Of Romance Is Actually Sabotaging Your Love Life

Ashley Batz/Bustle

Before you ever got into your first relationship, you probably had an idea of what that would look like. You probably thought of who your partner would be, what they would look like, and maybe even where you would meet. Thanks to romantic comedies and now social media, it's so easy to set high expectations for what you think your love life should look like. But according to experts, your idea of love can have a way of sabotaging your relationship if you're not aware of it.

"Initial attraction creates a wave of sensations and then expectations inevitably follow," neuropsychologist Dr. Amy Serin, founder of The Serin Center, tells Bustle. "The stronger the attraction, the more likely we are to try to be with that person and cling to hope that the initial attraction will turn into something more." Or that your relationship with them will turn out to be the picture-perfect fantasy that you've always wanted. But when your expectations are way too high, it can ruin your chance of finding and keeping the right person for you.

To be fair, having high expectations in your relationship isn't always a bad thing. "Unrealistic expectations like wanting your partner to fulfill your every need can certainly leave people disappointed," Dr. Serin says. "But couples who have high expectations for a supportive friendship, satisfying intimacy, trust, commitment, and the ability to resolve conflict with their partner are on the right track."

So there is a difference between healthy expectations and unhealthy ones. Here are some signs that your idea of romance may be sabotaging your love life, according to experts.