7 Signs Your Partner Is "The One," Even If They Have Commitment Issues

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

There's nothing better than finding that one person you could actually see yourself spending the rest of your life with. However, realizing that your partner has commitment issues can put a damper on things. It may even have you questioning whether or not the relationship can really work long-term. But can your someone still be "The One," even if your partner has commitment issues?

As marriage and family therapist, Erika Labuzan-Lopez, LMFT, LPC, tells Bustle, it's very possible. "It's important to know how willing the couple is to be 100 percent transparent and honest about their fears or reservations about why commitment may be a challenge," she says. "As long as partners can explore these emotions and thoughts together, the relationship can still succeed."

But if discussions around these issues never really go anywhere, are unproductive, or just never happen at all, Labuzan-Lopez says the relationship may not be worth it in the end. "Without opening up and being completely honest about where you are, how can your partner trust the process of staying in the relationship?"

If your partner is showing signs of being a commitment-phobe, there's no need to worry just yet. According to experts, here are signs that your partner may actually be "The One," even if they have commitment issues.