7 Sporty Gifts For The Friend Who’s Always Taking A Workout Class

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Do you have a friend who starts their day with a morning cardio session and ends it with Pilates? Do they prefer weekend cycling classes to boozy brunch? If so, they're your sporty friend, and they're rarely spotted without a gym bag in hand or running sneakers on. Sometimes their commitment to fitness can be a little intimidating, but you have to give them credit: they're the only one who can get you out of bed at 6 a.m. for a bootcamp class. Tell them you (and your glutes) care by giving them a gift that fits into their routine like a 30-minute ab class.

We've partnered with Nordstrom Rack to come up with the best holiday gift suggestions for any fitness lover. There are ideas for pre-workout packing (from gym bags to gym-bag accessories), exercise looks (hello, cute tops), and way more. There are so many great items to shop, we feel healthier already. And who knows? By the time you're done scrolling, you just might get inspired to revamp your own athletic gear. After all, no one said you had to shop only for your friend.

Statement Water Bottles

Any exerciser knows that hydration is key — but that doesn't mean your friend should have to lug around a scratched-up, old plastic water bottle. Upgrade their H2O game with a container that's equal parts cool and durable.

Triple-Duty Bags

Nothing sabotages an attempt to declutter like having to carry a work tote, a purse, and a gym bag. Streamline your friend's life with a versatile backpack that can do all three. Look for one with multiple compartments so they can keep dirty gym clothes away from the lip gloss.

Sports-Bra / Crop-Top Hybrids

Looks like crop tops aren't going anywhere for awhile. Play into the trend by gifting your friend a sports-bra / crop-top hybrid. They'll be able to wear it as part of their everyday look, and if a bike happens to open up unexpectedly after work, they'll be ready to head to class on short notice.

Headphones With Style

Yes, the primary purpose of headphones is to channel music to your ears. But why not make sure your friend's set is cute as well as functional, especially if they're always listening to a heart-pumping playlist?

Yoga Mats That Protect Your Back

Whether your friend is a Vinyasa pro or a yoga newbie, they could probably use a fresh mat in their collection. Get them one that stands out among rows of solid colors — and bonus points if it's extra cushioned to make floor workouts a little less grueling on the spine.

Gym-To-Drinks Sweatshirts

It's hard enough to find time to squeeze in a workout. It's even harder to get in a sweat session, shower, and wardrobe change. A stylish sweatshirt can transform your friend's outfit from "gym time" to "drinks with friends" in five seconds flat.

Catch-All Pouches To Stay Organized

We've all stashed our valuables in a plastic bag during a workout, so no judgements here. But if your friend is regular gym-goer, improve their storage situation with a fun, zippered pouch. It'll look cute while keeping accessories protected and organized.

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