7 STIs That No One Ever Talks About

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

Gonorrhea. Chlamydia. Herpes. HPV. Those are the sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that people talk about a lot. When you go for your annual checkup, those are the ones they’re checking for. They’re the ones you learn about the most in sex ed; the ones that pop up in articles all the time; even the ones that the CDC tracks the closest. But they’re not the only STIs out there. Nope, sorry to tell you, but there are whole bunch of other ones that it seems like no one ever talks about.

Of course, when I say “no one,” I don’t literally mean no one. Health care professionals certainly talk about these other STIs, both amongst each other and with clients. However, they’re just not as well known, for whatever reason, by the general public. Maybe because some aren’t as common? Or because their names are hard to say? (Not that “chlamydia” is particularly phonetic…)

I can’t say definitively why these STIs aren’t as well known as some other ones but as a certified sex educator, I can say that it’s important for any sexually active individual to know about all of the risks out there. If we’re going to make informed choices about our sex lives, we have to have all of the information about potential risks. So, with that in mind, here are the STIs that no one ever talks about.