Next Week’s Super Blue Blood Moon Is Going To Affect Your Horoscope Massively & Here’s What To Expect

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If you're looking to bring a little karmic magic into 2018, the Jan. 31 super blue blood moon has your back. Super blue blood moon astrology predictions include manifesting an abundance of wealth and creativity, according to Astro Shaman's blog. The cosmic combo of a blue moon, blood moon, and total lunar eclipse is rare, and hasn't happened in more than 150 years. This celestial trifecta happens in Leo, and according to Astro Shaman, it offers opportunities for leadership, unleashing your inner child, having fun, taking risks, and indulging in some much needed rest and relaxation.

If you feel like you've spent January pushing a metaphorical elephant up the stairs, the Jan. 31 moon is adjacent to astroid goddess Ceres, which releases energy to help you remove obstacles, release emotional baggage, and increase possibilities for abundance in all areas of your life. What's more, the moon's relative position to the comet Chiron, known as the "wounded healer," according to Astro Shaman, can bring up uncomfortable emotions or physical sensations.

If this happens to you, take the opportunity to work through them so you can welcome in positive energy to carry you through the rest of 2018. If you're looking to the stars to help you steer your ship, here's what you can expect from the super blue blood moon, according to astrology.

1. Take Charge Of Your Life Like A Boss

If you've been feeling like an extra in your own life, the Jan. 31 super blue blood moon is an opportunity to take the lead like the boss you are. "Seeing as this Blood Blue Moon Eclipse falls in the fire sign of Leo, it is really going to be guiding us to take charge of our lives and to step into that role of being the King or Queen of our own jungle," according to the blog Intuitive Astrology on Forever Conscious. A celestial event like this hasn't happened in our lifetime, and this is a rare chance to harness its power. "Whenever we have a rare celestial event such as this, we feel the energy strongly and it has the potential to cause huge ripples and waves in our lives," Intuitive Astrology noted.

2. Ditch Emotional Baggage

If unresolved emotional baggage from past relationships surfaces, this is an ideal time to work through it so you can release any bad mojo for good. While all things dark and twisty are brimming to the surface, it's important to take a beat before you make any decisions. "Even though the fiery Leo energy will want us to act, there is also a need to retreat and to clear things from within first," Intuitive Astrology explained. "In fact, hidden truths and buried emotions are likely to stir around eclipse time, and you may need to let things rise up before you know the best course of action."

3. Find Your Voice

If you've been staying silent out of fear, the super blue blood moon can help you find your voice, according to the website Numerologist. It's time to take up more space, and you might feel compelled to unleash your inner lion. "This incredibly rare lunation will ignite an inner reckoning, the intense desire to speak your truth and claim who you really are, without fear of judgement. You’re going to feel this energy moving through the attitudes and actions of the people around you — your family, friends, and community — and through your own life too, as you navigate this pivotal cosmic event. Don’t hold back, be true to you."

4. Get To Know Yourself

Your 20s and 30s are all about getting to know yourself, finding your path, and deciding what you want and who you want to be. The Jan. 31 super blue blood moon is about to make this a whole lot easier. "This lunation demands that you know yourself," Numerologist explained. "It begs you to become intimately familiar with the uniqueness of you and your gifts to the world, so you can effortlessly release the parts of you that are holding you back and illuminate your ideal path ahead."

5. Embrace Your Inner Superwoman

On her blog, astrologer Sage Goddess called the Jan. 31 moon the "Superwoman Full Moon," because the super blue blood moon is all about harnessing female power. "If there was ever a time to release your personal primal roar into the universe, it is now!" Sage Goddess noted "This full moon will emanate special and rare feminine lunar energy, infused with the creativity, leadership, and dignity of Leo." If you want to cultivate your divine feminine with other goddesses, you can join the Sage Goddess super blue blood moon online event.

6. Celebrate Your Success

Need an excuse to throw a party? The Jan. 31 super blue blood moon is the perfect time to gather your fellow nasty women and celebrate each other. "Use this time to celebrate your light and how it lives in the world. Be open to seeing what you’ve manifested, and how it serves you and others," Sage Goddess advised. "If you don’t like it, you can change it, or start over at the next new moon. [...] Let the Superwoman Full Moon recharge you with passion for living and expressing yourself. Don’t play small to stay safe. Be your full size and inspire everyone to shine. There are no limits to love."

7. Set Your Intentions For 2018

While you've got your nasty women together, consider using the power of the super blue blood moon to perform a ritual to set your intentions for 2018. The rare alignment of the blue moon, the blood moon, and the lunar eclipse offers a unique opportunity to access your power. "Having the added blood and blue effect sends this lunar eclipse into a whole new category and allows us work with its energy in a more potent and magical way," Intuitive Astrology explained.

So, turn up the Stevie Nicks, light your candles, get out your crystals, and focus on what kind of energy you want to bring into your life. You can follow Intuitive Astrology's super blue blood moon ritual to open yourself up to the possibility of everything, because you totally deserve it.