A "Nasty Woman" Wine Exists & It Pairs So Well With Smashing The Patriarchy

If you identify as a nasty woman — a leader, fighter, and a strong believer in equality for everyone — there's now a wine that embodies your sense of empowerment. Nasty Woman Wines is here to smash the patriarchy, and it's a perfect pairing for the Women's March 2018. The wine company was founded on Election Day 2016 by wine industry professional Meg Murray, and it donates 20 percent of its net profits to accelerating global progress toward women’s equal participation in policy and political leadership, according to the site's philanthropy page. They produce varietals like Pantsuit Pinot Noir, Progress Pink, Pave the Way Chardonnay, and Boss Lady Bubbles, all available online for between $15 and $40 per bottle.

Murray founded Nasty Woman Wines "with hopes of celebrating the first female president," the website says. When it was clear who won the presidential race, her young daughter asked her how old she had to be to run for president. In that moment Murray committed herself to paving the way for her daughter, and for all women, to have a real seat at the political table.

"Fueled by the emotion of the election and a deep desire to have more women at the table, Meg decided it was time to get nasty," states the Nasty Woman Wines Herstory section. Nasty Woman Wines defines nasty women as those who are, "Strong, powerful, do good, say what they mean, don’t take guff, watch out for the little person, can admit when they are wrong, and not gloat too much when they’re right."

If this sounds like you, or your 2018 New Year's resolution is to unleash your inner nasty woman, there's a wine for that. If you like reds, then Pantsuit Pinot Noir is for you. Sourced from bio-dynamically farmed vineyards, it's described as a wine that pulls you in with her violet color, nose of rose, earthy cherry, anise, red fruits, a touch of leather, and a seamless finish.

If bubbles are your jam, then you're going to want to sip the crisp and lively sparkler Boss Lady Bubbles. Equal parts sweet and strong, this dry bubbly is designed to bring nasty women together like the bosses they are.

If you're the type of nasty woman who blazes a trail for others to follow, then Pave The Way Chardonnay is the varietal for you. It's described as unapologetically engaging, which is perfect for the nasty woman who brings people together to foster lasting change.

Perhaps your nasty woman is more subtle. If your motto is rosé all day while you work behind the scenes to make sh*t happen, then Progress Pink your Nasty Woman Wine.

Consider ordering some bottles for your next postcard party, or to toast all of the nasty women turning out for the Women's March 2018. If you need some liquid motivation to keep fighting all year long, you can join the #GetNasty Wine Club, which will deliver three bottles to your doorstep four times a year.

Nasty Woman Wines is all about women and nonbinary people taking back their power, just like the nasty woman movement that has motivated so many people to join the fight against inequality and oppression. "There are so many rules that come with being a girl that you forget sometimes that these rules are fictitious patriarchal bullsh*t," the book Nasty Women by 404 Ink noted. "You’re so intent on being the good girl everyone wants you to be that you forget to be yourself."

Embrace being a nasty woman because being yourself has never been more important. Fighting for change is hard. It's exhausting, and it's 100 percent worth it. It's time to unleash your inner nasty woman in 2018. And, dear sisters, if you want to take a moment to acknowledge yourself for standing up for equal rights for everyone — Nasty Woman Wines has your back.