What You Can Learn From People Who Read A Lot

Young beautiful redhead female student reading books and learning in a college library.
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It's sort of amazing when you stop to think about all the ways that reading is good for you. (Every time I learn this, I imagine how unreal life would be if other pastimes I loved so much were this enriching — book-buying, I'm talking to you!) If you're a reader, take this moment to pat yourself on the back (OK, put down that book first). If you're not a book-lover — but you're reading this post, maybe you've looked longingly at those lucky people who can just dive into a book and emerge, hours later, as though returning from a new planet. Fortunately, it's never too late to become a reader, regardless of your reasons for doing so. And the thing is, there really is tons of science behind how beneficial reading is for your mental and emotional well-being — even your sleep!

All right, I know: sometimes it takes finding that right book or carving out that much-needed time in your day when it feels like reading is available to you. If that's where you're at with reading, persevere! (There are tons of ways to sneak reading into your daily life, btw, so don't be afraid to pick up a book while you stand at the bus stop.) And keep your eye on the prize — there's a lot we can learn from people who read, including...

New Words

Pimp your vocabulary!

How To Avoid Paper Cuts

So long, band-aids!

The Story Behind A Million Ancient References

They always have the inside scoop on classical mythology.

And The Ability To Devise A Million New Ones

Yeah, you Muggles!

The Importance of Seeing Things From Other Peoples' Point-of-View

It's called narrative positioning, amiright?

And We All Know Readers Rock At Empathy

Because walking a mile in someone else's shoes is way easier when you're doing it with the safety net of fiction.

You Can Kiss The Idea of Boredom Buh-bye

Readers know that there's never a reason to be bored when there's another book on the shelf!