What Jaclyn Hill Wants You To Know About Her Morphe Palette

Jaclyn Hill is passionate about staying connected to her fans. In fact, when I ask her why she chose to dedicate her new Jaclyn Hill x Morphe eyeshadow palette to her subscribers, she tells me that "everything" she does is for them — that she wouldn't be here without them. "I teamed up with Morphe to create something beautiful and custom, but still affordable for the women and men who have supported me through his journey," Hill says. "I’ve never worked this hard on anything in my career. I am so proud of this."

Whether you're die hard Champagne Pop addict (guilty), someone who just can't stop watching Hill's tutorials on YouTube (also guilty), or just can't resist an amazing palette (yup, that's me, too), Jaclyn Hill x Morphe is launching Hill's career to the next level. Between her millions of subscribers and producing consistently high quality (yet still accessible) collaborations, it's clear that Hill knows exactly what she's doing when it comes to her career. And that she loves every second of it. Whether you've been watching her videos for years or you've just hopped on the band wagon, her passion for her career and her fans infectious. Here are seven things to know about Jaclyn Hill x Morphe, and more.


Her Subscribers Are *Everything* To Her

"I would not be here without my subscribers. It is always about my subscribers. Everything I do," Hill tells me.

Hill wants to use this palette as a way to give back to her fans — to give them something she put her heart into that they can use and enjoy in whatever way they want.


She Almost Didn't Include Her Favorite Shade In The Palette

The Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette has a whopping 35 shades, so as you can imagine, Hill tells me it's hard to choose a favorite. She does have one that's close to her heart, though — and a runner-up, too.

"I worked so hard on the shade 'Obsessed' and it kind of became my baby through out the process," Hill says of her second favorite color. "But honestly I think [my favorite is] 'Hunts' because Linda [co-owner of Morphe Cosmetics] made it a reality. I was about to pull the color because it wasn’t right, and she took matters into her own hands and made it better than I could have ever imagined."


She Wants Her Fans To Wear The Palette Any Way They Want & To "Slay" While Doing So

"I just want them to slay! This palette was designed to express yourself!" Hill tells me when I ask how she wants her fans to wear the palette. "So do you boo! Enjoy it!"

You heard the woman. Be sure to rock this palette however you want.


She Went Through A LOT Of Shades To Narrow It Down To The Final 35

If you're wondering just how many shades Hill had to go through before deciding on the final 35, there were A LOT — as in, over 100 of them. But she had some help in narrowing them down, too.

"It was an exhausting process," Hill says of going through the 100+ shades.

Hill tells me that the process was long, but was a ton of fun. According to the beauty blogger, Linda Tawil's patience and help while she was going through all the colors was key.

"Linda helped me make my dream a reality."


She's Completely Confident In How Amazing This Palette Is

An eyeshadow palette and a collaboration with a brand like Morphe are a big deal individually, but together? It's huge. And while Hill is completely aware of how amazing all of this is, she tells me she isn't nervous about the palette's release at all.

"I’m not nervous at all. I have spent so much time on this palette," Hill says. "I feel weirdly confident about it. I truly believe that you can’t find 35 shadows for $38 that are this beautiful."


This Is Completely Different From Her Past Collaborations

When it comes to her past collaboration with BECCA, Hill is incredibly proud of all her success and hard work — but she doesn't think comparing Champagne Pop and her Morphe palette even makes sense. They're both amazing and unique in their own ways.

"That would be like comparing children. You love both of them. They are completely different," Hill says.


She Feels Pressure To "Look And Act" A Certain Way Sometimes, But She Knows Her Values

Hill's popularity and adoration from her fans leads to a lot of positive messages being thrown her way. It's not uncommon to see "you're perfect" or "could you be more flawless?" tweets thrown Hill's way on an hourly basis. When I asked her if all this makes her feel pressure to be "perfect" all the time, she says it's a little more complicated than that, but she always remembers who she is deep down.

"Yes and no. I feel the pressure to look a certain way and act a certain way, but then I remind myself that I'm still Jaclyn from the block!" Hill says. "I really don’t care about keeping up a perfect image. I have issues, I’m human, and I’m OK with that."

Hill's ability to remain "human" through it all is no doubt something that contributes to her enormous success, and will continue to do so with this Morphe collaboration and beyond. That down-to-earth spirit combined with her dedication to her fan base is exactly what makes Jaclyn Hill great. Simply put: If you love Jaclyn Hill's channel, she probably loves you too — and that's a pretty powerful thing.