7 Things No One Ever Taught You About Using Tampons

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

Even though tampons are associated with a time of the month that isn't especially enjoyable or comfortable for many people who menstruate, they can make a period much easier to deal with. They can support you through a long work day, be there in the bottom of your bag when your period surprises you, and even make it more comfortable to sleep through the night. But regardless of how many years you've been menstruating and relying on tampons to take care of the blood for you, there are still plenty of tampon facts that you might not know.

First of all, the tampon origin story is actually really empowering. "Up until the 1970s, tampons were rarely discussed in public to ‘preserve women’s modesty,'" women's health expert Dr. Ashley Margeson, BSN, ND, tells Bustle, "but they actually became widely used during World War II when women were doing many of the ‘men’s’ jobs to aid in the war effort." Since tampons allowed women to enter the workplace with more ease, they took away some of the worry and inconvenience of menstruation while also supporting their ability to work outside the home.

Next time you begin to unwrap a tampon, know that you'll probably be a little more knowledgeable about what you're putting inside your body, thanks to the tampon advice from these experts.