7 Things You Should Put Your Phone Down To Do


Smart phones rule everything around us. From Snapchat to Google maps, Seamless to Tinder, everything you could need or want for business or pleasure is in your pocket. But as there still remains an IRL world outside this digital dystopia, Twitter users are reminding us about all the things you should #PutYourPhoneDown to do.

Although there are plenty of people who can enjoy a concert without posting about it or who can carry on a conversation without scrolling through their email, smartphone addiction is very real and very common. A 2013 survey of over 3,500 women by The Huffington Post and Real Simple found that 76 percent check their phone every hour, and half of them couldn't go 15 minutes without checking their phone. And those numbers keep increasing. In 2015, a study by British psychologists at Nottingham Trent University found that young adults use their phones roughly one-third of their total waking hours.

Fast forward to 2017 and the numbers keep climbing. In short: we're on our phones all day every day, and there just might be some mental health benefits to giving yourself a digital detox now and then. You know, stop and smell the roses without Instagramming them first.

Here are seven things, according to Twitter, that we should all put our phones down to do:

1. Enjoy Nature

2. Play With Animals

3. Make Time For Your Friends And Family

4. Get Physical

5. Exercise Your Brain

6. (At The Very Least) Switch Devices

7. Be In The Moment