7 Things Your Knees Are Telling You If They Crack Or Pop

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

If you notice that your knees make cracking or popping sounds when you bend, it can cause a bit of concern. But according to experts, there may not be any reason to worry. Those cracking sounds are completely normal.

"Our bodies are made to move and things that move make noise," Dr. Austin Misiura, DPT, owner of Pure Physical Therapy, tells Bustle. "As we use our body tiny irregularities can form. For example, if you get a deep cut, you likely develop a scar which is slightly darker and thicker than the surrounding skin. The same happens if we injure a tissue that we can’t see, like a tendon or ligament." Scars, for the most part, aren't bad. If the tissue surface is not completely smooth, it may "click" as you use it.

The cracking, snapping, and popping can become more noticeable with age. But it can happen to anyone. According to Dr. Misiura, there are a few different reasons why knees, or any joint for that matter, makes noise. "Most of them are not necessarily a bad thing," he says. "This isn’t to be thought of the same way as when your car makes a noise."

So a good rule of thumb is, if there's no pain, you're likely OK. But here are some things it can mean if your knees crack or pop, according to experts.