The 7 Creepiest Thrillers Coming Out In Autumn 2019 In The UK

by Alice Broster
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As the evenings start to get a little bit colder and darker I find my reading material does too. While a rom-com or drama feels perfect for the poolside during summer, as the leaves start to turn orange, I love nothing more than finding a secluded nook in a coffee shop with a good thriller. Getting lost in the pages of a novel is my favourite thing and thrillers are the best thing for it. And some of the most eagerly anticipated mysteries of 2019 are going to be this season. So, here are seven thrillers coming in autumn 2019 that you simply can’t miss.

Whether it’s a murder mystery, spy story, or family drama, I love thrillers. The not knowing where the story will go next, and staying up until the early hours because you can’t put it down is the best. I’ve got no shame in admitting that if I’m part way through a good thriller with no idea what’s going to happen next I’ll happily cancel plans until I’ve got to the bottom of it. If you’re as much of a thriller fan as me and are in need of a little bit of reading inspiration, here are my pick of the best thrillers coming out in the UK during autumn 2019.


'This Little Dark Place' by A.S. Hatch

This Little Dark Place is A.S. Hatch’s debut psychological thriller and it’s chill inducing. It follows a deadly love triangle with explosive consequences. Daniel thinks he has it all, the perfect relationship, dream cottage, and a job he loves. That is, until it all starts falling apart and he finds himself confiding in Ruby, a convict he writes to via a pen pal programme. What starts as friendship has a frightful ending when Ruby goes in search of Daniel. The twists and turns will have you shook.

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'The Chestnut Man' by Søren Sveistrup

The Chestnut Man opens in beautiful Copenhagen in October. A young woman has been found murdered, her hand has been taken, and there is a mysterious doll made of chestnuts hanging above her body. It’s down to plucky new detective Naia Thulin and her partner to solve the case. As they scratch the surface they realise they could be onto something massive and deadly.

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'The Guardians' by John Grisham

It’s nearly impossible to be a die hard fan of thrillers and not to keep tabs on when John Grisham is going to release his next masterpiece. His latest addition will be published in Oct. 2019 and follows The Guardians and investigator Post. Post and his team take on cases of injustice to try and solve crimes and free innocent people. When they’re made aware of the murder of Keith Russo and the wrongful conviction of Quincy Miller they come up against the power of the authorities and a killer who isn’t afraid to murder again.

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'Agent Running in the Field' by John le Carré

John le Carré is one of the most iconic spy thriller writers of the 21st century and there’s no query as to why. His latest tale follows Nat, a former British Secret Intelligence agent who thinks his spy days are over. However, there’s one more job left for him to do. As the threat from Russia is growing he’s sent to lead a team to monitor it. You will never guess what happens next.

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'Heaven, My Home' by Attica Locke

Heaven, My Home tells the story of Levi King, a 9-year-old boy who is lost. It’s down to Darren Matthews to take on his case, battle prejudices and suspicions, and race to find the boy. However, this case might save Matthews himself. Filled with secrets and surprises at every turn you won’t be able to put Heaven, My Home down.

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'Blue Moon' by Lee Child

Lee Child is another iconic thriller writer who’s latest work has been very eagerly anticipated. Blue Moon sees Jack Reacher return to a city with a gang problem and residents living in a paralysing fear. Trying to stay one step ahead of assassins, gangsters, and his enemies Reacher is on a mission to make the loan sharks pay and bring the greedy to justice.

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'The Second Sleep' by Robert Harris

It’s 1468 and a young priest, Christopher Fairfax travels to a small, desolate Exmoor village. He’s tasked with conducting the funeral of his predecessor. However, as he starts to learn more about the man who had his role before him mysterious things begin to happen. Was it his obsession with the past that lead to his untimely death? It’s all for Fairfax to find out.

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If your Amazon wishlist is not now full then you’re stronger willed than I am. While they all tell vastly different stories, these 7 novels all have one thing in common: you won’t be able to put them down.

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