All The New Thriller Movies & TV Shows Streaming This Month

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Fall is officially here, but that doesn't mean you need to head into hibernation. With all the thrillers hitting streaming services in October 2019, there's something for everyone to cozy up to this season. Whether gripping dips into history like The 33's look at the Chilean mining collapse of 2010 or The Conspirator's analysis of the Lincoln assassination plot, supernatural psychological thrillers like the castaway-meets-monster film Sweetheart, or even an explosion-filled, sci-fi film from Michael Bay (the silly but entertaining The Island), there are plenty of nail biters available instantly to distract you from the days growing shorter. Look on the bright side: that just means there's even more evening time to watch something!

Though the focus is on psychological twists and turns, like with the reveals of the documentary Tell Me Who I Am, there's also plenty of straightforward, star-studded action with byzantine plots (each new Ocean's film practically requires a map to sort out everyone's conflicting loyalties). Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson even make their monthly appearance, in political terrorist-revenge thriller Patriot Games and quiet snowplower-turned-avenger tale Cold Pursuit, respectively.

So no need to nap through the season — all of these exciting options are available instantly.

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