7 Trips To Take Before You Turn 30


I started my twenties thinking that I would be a social worker in New York City. I would find a job, start my career, and then do the college-educated thing. I’d get better at being a social worker (or something related), get promoted, and work my way up. Eventually I’d get married and have kids and probably move out of the city, but I’d be OK with that because who wants to raise kids in the city anyway? Yup, I had it all figured out — and then the economy collapsed. And there were no jobs; no ways to move up in my career. Feeling stuck and sad and overwhelmed, I quit my job and bought a one-way ticket to Argentina. Instead of spending my twenties working my way up the career ladder, I spent them traveling the world, moving to a new country every three to nine months. I did that from age 24 to the day after I turned 30, when I caught a flight to San Francisco with the plan to stay awhile.

With traveling to more than 20 countries in just over five years, it’s fair to say I know quite a bit about trips you should take before you turn 30. (Because, you know, I took them.) That’s not to say you can’t take any of these trips after 30. I fully intend to keep traveling for my entire life and in fact I’ve already gone to two foreign countries this year. But it’s more that there’s a certain experience of being in your twenties that all of these trips either benefit from or are easier for.

So here you go: seven trips to take before you turn 30. I hope you have as much fun as I did!