7 Uplifting Poems To Get You In The Spirit Of The Weekend
Beautiful young woman on a rooftop in a city with warm sunflare and a drink in hand
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This just in, honest-to-goodness, breaking, not-at-all fake news: Friday is the best day of the week. Hands down. 100%. Backwards and forwards. Whether you grew up in the '90s and watched TGIF shows (c'mon, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Boy Meets World) or not. Whether you work a traditional Monday through Friday kinda schedule or a fly-by-night gig thing or a freelance-round-the-clock set-up ... it just doesn't matter. Fridays rule. But why? What makes Friday so irresistible? Is it because it's the only day that begins with the letter F? Are we just always living with that shivery fear that it could be... Friday the 13th? Because The Cure makes it sound so gushy? Are we thinking about Ice Cube and DJ Pooh? tells us about the Germanic goddess, Frige, "presumed Anglo-Saxon forerunner of Norse FRIGG. Because she was best friends with VENUS, the Saxons decided to borrow Venus’s day and turn it into FRIGE’s day. So thank FRIGE it’s Friday." Uh huh.

So maybe people have been getting their party on since the seventh century--awesome! Just because Fridays have been cool forever doesn't mean they can't still be cool-er now. If you're ready to be in that "day before Saturday" mood, turn up these seven poems.

'Life' by Charlotte Brontë

Life’s sunny hours flit by,
Gratefully, cheerily
Enjoy them as they fly!

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'Run Every Race as if It's Your Last' by Lisa Olstein

as you round the bend
keep the steel and mouse-skinned
rabbit front left center
and the track and the crowd
and its cries are a blurred ovation

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'Refresh. Refresh. Refresh.' by Noah Eli Gordon

Poems shouldn’t make you wait for them to finish.
Like love, they should finish making you wait.

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'Sexual Object Permanence' by N. Goth

Baby I want
Baby I want to be made entirely of wildflowers.
I want to be made entirely of rusted nails.

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'The Hypno-Domme Speaks, and Speaks and Speaks' by Patricia Lockwood

What do I have, I have absolute
power, and what I want is your money, your drool,
and your mind, and the sense of myself as a snake,
and a garter in the grass. Every bone in the snake
is the hipbone, every part of the snake is the hips.

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'Abacus' by Emily Corwin

I remember we enjoyed getting down
low in the bull thistle, downloading each other.

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'Completely Friday' by Luis García Montero

When the front door opens
the icebox divines what my body knew
and suggests other titles for this poem:
completely you,
morning of the return, good love,
good company.

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