7 Virgo Season 2018 Astrology Predictions To Help All Zodiac Signs Survive This Rough Time

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Astrologically, the bajiggity energy of this summer is almost over. And, in the words of Wilson Phillips: "Things'll go your way if you hold on for one more day." As you prepare to say goodbye to this cruel, cruel summer and welcome in fresh fall feels, Virgo season 2018 astrology predictions can give all zodiac signs something to hold on to. While the karmic energy of this summer likely has you dwelling on everything you lack, Virgo season will help shift your mindset to abundance.

Overall, the predictions for Virgo season are promising, but only those who go into it with a positive attitude will have an easy transition. If you're mired in the dark and twisty, you can expect to attract more of the same. "[Virgo season is] a reminder to be impeccable in our thoughts and words as they create our reality and impact others as well as the world around us," Michelle Karén, author, astrologer, and shaman, wrote on her website. "We are also required to pay attention to both the obvious and the subtle messages we receive on a constant basis that validate or invalidate the choices we are making."

The good news is that if you actively work with the universe and your intentions are good, positive things will most certainly come your way. The bad news is that this is going to require a lot of effort. You'll have to monitor your thoughts, intentions, and actions every moment of every day. If you think of it like a mental workout, and commit to putting in the work, all of the astrology predictions for Virgo season will bring you a bounty good luck. When you consider the alternative, this is really the only viable option.