7 Vitamin Mistakes You Probably Don’t Realize You’re Making

Gorynvd / Shutterstock

From nootropics to multivitamins and everything in between, people are taking more vitamins than ever before, according to an annual report from the Council for Responsible Nutrition. Whether or not you're one of the 75 percent of U.S. adults who take vitamins and supplements on the regular, you've likely bought into one or more vitamin myths and mistakes that it's time to stop believing ASAP. For example, perhaps you don't take vitamins at all because you think you're getting everything you need from your organic greens, nuts, and twigs diet. Surprise! You're not. Even if you eat super healthy, you can still be nutrient deficient, especially if you eat a restricted diet or a lot of processed food.

According to Dr. James Lee, who co-founded nootropic vitamin company Liveli to support his cognitive health after being diagnosed with a brain tumor, modern diets usually lack some of what your body needs to stay healthy. "We’ve evolved from a diverse diet to food that is primarily a result of mass production. Now, we only get certain nutrients and need to supplement what we’re missing," Dr. Lee explained on the Liveli blog. If you want to get the most of out a vitamin regimen, here are some other vitamin myths you can stop believing.