7 Ways Brittany's Life Has Changed Since Her First 'Vanderpump Rules' Appearance

by Marenah Dobin
Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

From the instant she stepped on the scene, Brittany Cartwright has been the saint of SUR. Everyone always has (and always will) love the Kentucky native because she has hasn't let the LA life change who she is as person. But while she still stays true to herself, Brittany Cartwright's life has changed since her first Vanderpump Rules appearance up until the present day.

Unlike a lot of reality stars, Brittany has not let fame go to her head. She really does seem to be the same, genuine person at her core, but she has been through so many major changes in the past couple years that it's amazing she has been able to remain so grounded.

She was introduced to Pump Rules viewers as Jax Taylor's girlfriend who moved from Kentucky to California pretty early on in their relationship. She secured a job as a waitress at SUR, she became friends with Jax's pals (and his exes), and ended up becoming a fan favorite along the way.

Throughout the past three seasons, Brittany has given viewers even more reasons to love her and be on her side no matter what. Here's how things have changed for her.

1. She Got A Job At SUR

When Brittany lived in Kentucky, she worked at Hooters and she continued to do so at another location in California. Then she did the inevitable and applied for a waitress job at SUR... and got it, of course.

2. She Became A Full-Time Cast Member

Originally, Brittany made guest appearances on the show. Then, she was a part-time cast member the next season. And now, viewers get to enjoy Brittany's adorable commentary as a full-time cast member.

3. She Had Her Own Spin-Off Show

Brittany actually had her own spin-off show before she was a full-time cast member on Vanderpump Rules, which is pretty amazing. Not only that, but Vanderpump Rules: Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky centered around Brittany's family and friends in her hometown. None of the other cast members have had the spotlight on their personal lives in that way. Clearly, Brittany is a favorite with the network and with viewers.

4. She Became An Aunt

During the Kentucky spin-off, Jax and Brittany helped raise money for Brittany's brother's wife to go through IVF treatments to conceive a baby. Jax even donated $13,000 himself to match the total donations. Now, Brittany is a very proud aunt to baby Pressley.

5. She Became A Dog Mom

Brittany and Jax became dog parents when they adopted their pup Kingsley in 2015, which is a pretty serious move to make as a couple.

6. She Became An LVP Favorite

When Brittany showed up for her SUR interview, she didn't bring a résumé, and she was wearing denim shorts and a low cut top. Obviously, Brittany looked adorable (as per usual), but Lisa Vanderpump was not a fan of her interview look. She hired Brittany anyway, though, and in 2016 Lisa told Entertainment Tonight, "She’s actually fantastic. She really is there four or five nights a week. She’s lovely — I have never met a girl like her."

7. She Became Friends With Everyone In The Cast

At first no one knew how long Brittany and Jax's relationship would last, but soon enough, she just became friends with every single person in the cast — even people who have been wronged by her boyfriend or used to date him. She joined Tom Schwartz as a rare person who is beloved by the entire Pump Rules cast.

Brittany's life has changed a lot since she started dating Jax. Even so, she didn't go all Hollywood just because she joined a reality TV show. She is still the sweet, Southern who that she was when she first appeared on Vanderpump Rules. This proves that no matter what successes and attention come her way, Brittany has what it takes to remain grounded and genuine.