7 Ways To Get Your Heart Back In The Relationship


My friend has been with her partner for years. As a couple, they like to say they've been through hell and back just to be together. She works seven days a week and he stays home to watch the kids, so finding any time to just chill and enjoy being together is, according to her, like mission impossible. Many times, she's admitted that stress carried over from work has a tendency to make her irritable, which of course never sits well with her partner. So it didn't come off as too much of a surprise when she asked me one day, "How do I bring the love back?"

"Loving someone is an active choice," licensed professional counselor, Shannon Battle, tells Bustle. "So when your heart is completely in the relationship, you will always find ways to keep it there."

Falling out of love is an action based on emotional discontentment, says Battle. When you're at that state, it's pretty common to focus on flaws and trivial situations. Many times, those minor flaws can become so magnified that it can be hard for you to see the successes that make your relationship strong. "Staying actively committed requires work and strategy," she says. "Always remember, if you fell in love then it's just as likely that you can fall out of love."

Getting your heart back into the relationship is a conscious choice you decide to make. So here are the best ways to do it, according to experts: