7 Ways To Tell If You Can Really Trust Your Partner, According To Psychics

by Kristine Fellizar

People get psychic readings for a ton of different reasons. But out of all the different questions people tend to ask, love is one of the most, if not the most, popular topic psychics usually tackle. In fact, "Can I trust my partner?" is one of the most often-asked questions, professional psychic and spiritual advisor, Davida Rappaport, gets during relationship readings.

"If someone has trust issues from past relationships, I've noticed this can and will cloud their thinking and the tendency to bounce things off of close friends may or may not even help," Rappaport tells Bustle. According to her, once someone goes into overthinking mode, that's it. They tend to make snap judgments, which may or may not be wrong. Because of that, their relationship may suffer.

That's because trust relies more on feeling rather than thinking. If you've been hurt in a past relationship before, those thoughts can have a way of haunting you in future relationships.

"If you have a nagging feeling that won’t go away, the place to go first is inside," Shannon Aganza, Astrologer and Intuitive at Four Moons Spa, tells Bustle. "In order to get a clear message from the universe, we must first clear ourselves." You can do that through meditation or prayer, whichever works for you.

Once you've cleared your mind of any past baggage, you'll be better able to trust your intuition and really tell whether or not your partner can be trusted. So here are ways you can tell your partner is trustworthy, according to psychics.


They Made A Really Good First Impression On You

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"I can't tell you how many times people have told me when they look back to that first meeting, they realized they had a knot in their stomach or just an overall uncomfortable feeling from the other person that they immediately shook off," astrologer and psychic medium, Suzie Kerr Wright, tells Bustle. For some, Wright says, it's a little voice that says "don't go there." For others, it washes over them in a physical way, which tends to get mistaken for physical attraction.

So if you entered into your relationship thinking something along the lines of, "Hmm...I think I can handle this person," or "I can change them," that's not the best place to start. "When you have those kind of thoughts, generally you're in for a relationship where the trust will likely be broken," she says. "But when it's right, you'll know for real. Although it's hard to explain, you will know that you know."


Your Partner Never Makes You Question Anything About Them Or Your Relationship

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"If you begin to feel something isn't right, you're probably right," Wright says. "I have seen very few cases where this is not true. It's rare to see where someone was convinced their partner was cheating and they weren't." So if your partner doesn't make you question anything or just gives you that sense of peace, you can trust them.


Your Body Responds To Your Partner Really Well

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This isn't so much about sex, but more about comfort. How comfortable are you when you're around your partner? If your body can be completely relaxed, that's a good sign. Knowing if you can really trust your partner is all about "using your psychic GPS," Caroline E. Zani, psychic medium and author of Piper, Once & Again, tells Bustle. According to her, you have to tune into what your partner says and how it makes you feel. "If you get a subtle muscle twitch or your stomach churns, pay attention," she says. "We have a tendency to brush off those subtle hints but your intuition uses your body (where your soul lives) to communicate."


There Aren't Any Red Flags

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The most logical and intuitive way to determine if you can trust your partner is to think about how your relationship started. "If you had doubts about trusting your partner from the beginning and ignored the red flags, those suppressed red flags will resurface again at a later date," Rappaport says.

If your partner says or does something to trigger those red flags down the road, pay attention. "In many cases, you may realize that you cannot trust your partner and you ignored the signs from the very beginning," she says.


Your Partner Is Honest And You "Know" It's True

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As Rappaport says, it's all about getting out of your head and trusting your gut. If you feel like your partner is trustworthy, they probably are. But on a more grounded note, if your partner has lied to you more than a few times, they need to own their behavior and make an effort to change. "If not, you may not want to stay in this relationship," she says.


Your Partner Is Consistent

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If your partner is consistent, Rappaport says, you can trust there's nothing shady going on. That means you go on dates on a consistent basis, they call you at a certain time, and your relationship just seems to have a good flow to it.

"But if you notice that your partner’s pattern of behavior has changed, you need to stop for a moment and look at whether or not this is a cyclical or work-related," she says. If their behavior has changed, just be patient and make sure you find the facts necessary to back up your feelings. "As long as your partner has not shut you out, there is a good chance that they may not be doing anything wrong," she says.


The Communication In Your Relationship Is Excellent

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Communication is key in making a long-term relationship work. If you and your partner have great communication, there's really nothing to worry about. But if your partner has stopped communicating and stopped sharing their day-to-day thoughts and events with you, that may signal trouble. "More than likely, your trust will waver, so you may need to decide what your next steps may be," Rappaport says.

Your partner may do things you're not happy with every now and again. But as psychics say, if you feel in your gut that you can trust your partner, you probably can.