7 Ways To Tell If You’re Pregnant Before Missing Your Period

by Isadora Baum, CHC
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Is your body temperature unusually high? Have your boobs been feeling sore? If you've been trying to conceive, these may be early signs of pregnancy, even before your first missed period. Although a pregnancy test and an appointment with your doctor is the best way to confirm that you're pregnant, these signs of pregnancy before a missed period could be a good indication. Turns out, based on science, there are several ways to know that your gut feeling is right when its telling you it's finally happened.

As a certified health coach, I work with clients on figuring out their bodies and staying in touch with their physical states, emotions, digestion, and other sensations that all dictate how you feel during the day. If your body feels different — especially when it comes to your reproductive system — you could definitely be on to something. It's important to stay in-tune with what your body is trying to tell you, especially if you have been looking to conceive lately. And if something is already telling you that you're pregnant, it may be time to follow your intuition and listen. Here are seven ways experts say you can sometimes figure out as signs of pregnancy before a missed period, that could indicate you may really be pregnant.


The Vagina Softens

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Yes, you can feel it soften. "Around four weeks gestation, there is something called Goodell’s sign, where the part of the cervix in the vagina gets softer from increased blood flow," Robin Elise Weiss, PhD, MPH, CPH, LCCE tells Bustle. "Some women can feel this when checking for fertility signs." Unsure? Ask a partner. "Sometimes a partner may comment that the vagina feels fuller or fluffier during sex," Weiss says. This could be a sign that you may be pregnant.


Your Body Temperature Stays High

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"Someone who is charting basal body temperatures [to track ovulation] may also notice that their temperatures do not drop to pre-ovulation levels," Weiss says. Your basal body temperature is your lowest temperature throughout the course of a 24-hour day, which is right when you first wake in the morning, before you do anything to go about your day. It fluctuates from person to person, but in general, it's typical to be 96 to 98 degrees before ovulation and 97 to 99 degrees after ovulation. If this isn't the case for you — or you're already tracking, and something seems off — it may be time to take a pregnancy test.


You Have Spotting & Cramps

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If your period is not due yet, but you're spotting, it could be an indication of pregnancy. "You will experience menstrual cramps, light spotting or bleeding before a week or two of your missed period," Dr. Jacqueline Walters of Bravo’s Married to Medicine tells Bustle. This is called "implantation bleeding," according to the Mayo Clinic, and generally occurs 10 to 14 days after conception. If you have reason to believe this may be because you're pregnant, making an appointment with your doctor can help confirm it.


Your Boobs Are Sore & Heavy

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If your boobs are aching and feel a bit fuller, it could be a sign. "Breast changes are early signs of pregnancy," says Walters. "The moment you conceive, hormones send signals to the breasts to get ready in 40 weeks." However, this may not be as pronounced of a sign in subsequent pregnancies, if this isn't your first, according to the Mayo Clinic — they may not be as tender or experience as much of a change in size, if that's the case.


Extreme Fatigue

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Feel super lethargic, but you're getting enough sleep? It could mean you're pregnant. Of course, feeling tired can be associated with several factors, so it's not a definitive indicator. "[F]atigue without a reason may also be an early symptom of pregnancy," Walters says. If you're constantly feeling tired and you're having difficulty figuring out why, see your doctor to see whether it may be from pregnancy.



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Morning sickness can sometimes kick in early. "Nausea or morning sickness is a classic sign of pregnancy that you can notice in the early stages," Walters tells Bustle. If you and your partner are trying to conceive and your stomach hasn't been feeling the best lately, this could be a classic sign that your efforts have been a success.


You're Peeing All The Time

If you end up excusing yourself to use the bathroom far more often, it could be a sign of pregnancy before a missed period. According to the Mayo Clinic, this is because your body responds to the pregnancy by increasing the amount of blood in your system, which then causes your kidney to process extra fluid that you end up peeing out. So take note of how much you're drinking compared to how much you're peeing — if it seems like something's not quite adding up, get a test to see if your gut is right. Of course, frequent urination can be due to other factors, so look for other symptoms here, too.

If you think you could be pregnant, check in with yourself and take action if you notice any of these signs. They're subtle, so pay attention. Even the slightest gut feeling might mean it's time to get a reliable source's answer.


Robin Elise Weiss, PhD, MPH, CLC, childbirth educator and author.

Dr. Jacqueline Walters, OBGYN and Married to Medicine personality.

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