These 7 Spooky Wines Are Perfect For Halloween — And All Under $15 Online

by Callie Tansill-Suddath
Courtesy of Brands

Okay, so it may only be August, but believe it or not, there are fewer than 100 days until the best day of the year: Halloween. The spookiest holiday has a whole new meaning when you're an adult. There are far more tricks than treats, and rarely is there any *actual* trick-or-treating. Chances are your Halloween plans involve some kind of costumed shindig. Whether you're the person throwing it or the person attending, it is important to be sure you have given adequate thought to drinks. These seven spooky wines for Halloween, however, will take your parties to new heights.

By now it's no secret that as a generation, we're super, duper into wine. In fact, we like wine so much, millennials have literally changed the way it is consumed. Per a study from the research group Wine Market Council, millennials drank 42 percent of all the wine consumed in the United States in 2015 — more than any other age group. This explosion has, according to Business Insider reports, "led to the rise of wine delivery and check-in apps, as well as products that promote convenience, like wine sold in a can." You'll likely be in the company of other wine drinkers on Halloween, so put some extra thought into what you bring — here are some excellent options that are all available for purchase online, and less that $15 to boot.

Vampire Cabernet Sauvingnon