7 YouTube Channels Everyone Should Follow


Of all the social media platforms out there right now, YouTube has to be one of the most useful. But the diversity of videos can sometimes blow my mind — where do you start in a network of over 1 billion uploads? Well, the YouTube channels everyone should follow according to a recent AskReddit thread might help narrow it down a bit. There's really no limit to the type of content across the site, after all; from music and comedy videos, to beauty, cooking or travel inspiration, and vlogger tips on anything from mental health to voting rights and grieving, the video hosting site has it all.

And what's super interesting is that for a few of the consistent content-creators on YouTube — many of whom started uploading shortly after the site was launched in 2005, but many others more recently — the site really does pay out. Today, some YouTubers are now managing to make a living from the video upload site. What's more, YouTube has managed to stay as accessible to the average person as it was when it launched, making for a rich and varied (and, OK, sometimes troll-filled) community.

This is why I was so happy to find that users on the community-led forum Reddit have narrowed all this amazing content down slightly, offering up a selection of channels that, as a YouTube novice, I'd never heard of before today. In case you need some help finding your next YouTube addiction, here are seven of the best channels it has to offer; head on over to AskReddit for even more ideas.

Geography Now

Channel: Geography Now

Suggested by: nikko_b132

This channel is dedicated to teaching you all you need to know about the world, one country at a time. Georgia (the country, not the state) is the latest installment; the aim is get through all of the countries in the world, in alphabetical order.

Andrew Rea & 'Binging With Babish'

Channel: Andrew Rea

Suggested by: twicereheatedcoffee

Ever wish you could recreate that delicious dish from your favorite movie? Well, Andrew Rea's channel is devoted to doing just that with the series Binging With Babish. The latest video focuses on making the strudel from the film Inglourious Basterds.

First We Feast

Channel: First We Feast

Suggested by: gametimejones

Sean Evans makes celebrity interviews far more interesting than the average by carrying them out alongside a plate of ridiculously hot and spicy food on on Hot Ones, a series that is part of the First We Feast channel. Above, James Franco and Bryan Cranston try and maintain normalcy whilst eating the show's "wings of death."

Lessons From The Screenplay

Channel: Lessons From The Screenplay

Suggested by: Notworthupvoting

For movie buffs and geeks everywhere, this channel's in-depth movie character analysis (such as the Joker from The Dark Knight, above) will entertain and add a new element to your favorite films.

Community Channel

Channel: Community Channel

Suggested by: concretewhale

YouTuber Natalie Tran makes hilarious sketches and monologues about everyday things we can all relate to. Her "New Year's Resolution Police" video, for example, is beyond funny.

Internet Comment Etiquette

Channel: Internet Comment Etiquette

Suggested by: AnDavNa

American comedy writer Erik Hoffstad offers satirical advice on how to behave online when it comes to Tweeting or leaving comments on YouTube tutorials, movie reviews, and basically any other digital forum. Modern etiquette for the everyday human.

Vet Ranch

Channel: Vet Ranch

Suggested by: Johnlang1993

Founded by Dr. Matt Carriker, a veterinarian licensed in Texas, this channel follows group of veterinarians who rescue animals in need. It's sure to amp up the feel-good factor, no matter what!