70 Best Products With Over 1,000 Perfect Reviews On Amazon

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The most important thing to remember when shopping online is to always read the customer reviews. Reviewers are often brutally honest — so keeping to the highly-reviewed products on Amazon is the safe move. Just thinking about all the money I could have saved from making unsavory purchases from sites with no reviews gives me a headache — which is why I always try to buy all my wants, needs, and desires from Amazon.

Not only does Amazon encourage its customers to leave reviews, but there are thousands of products with four- and five-star reviews to choose from. So when you're searching for a specific something — whether it's for yourself or a gift for someone else (that you're hoping they won't just send right back) — but aren't sure what's worth picking up, it almost always pays to check what other people had to say.

Besides, no one likes having to return their online purchase. And if you're giving said gift, you want the person receiving it to love what you give them. So seriously: take my advice and just stick to all the brilliant products on Amazon. That way, you won't have any inconvenient returns, and I'll get to keep sharing all the fabulous finds I discover.

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