70 Things Under $35 Going Viral On Amazon That Literally Anyone Would Want

It isn't easy to please everyone — especially when it comes to gifts. Perhaps you're searching for great presents that notoriously difficult-to-shop-for friends and family will like. Well, these products going viral on Amazon are about to save you from the awful fate of aimlessly wandering around stores without a single clue of what to buy. This collection includes products that span across a large number of categories, but it also features items that won't break the bank. Seriously: Everything you're about to see is less than $35 — and there's something for everyone.

For all of the frequent travelers on your buying list, there are travel adapter plugs, power strips, and mini flat irons that barely take up any room in carry-on luggage. The beauty product enthusiasts in your life will rave about the classic pimple remedies, lip balms, and makeup-setting powders. And of course, family members who live for DIY projects will get a huge kick out of tactical pens and self-adhesive LED touch lights that are currently available. That's just the tip of the gift-giving iceberg, though.

Check out this list of amazing products and start stocking up ASAP. And if you come across something that you love, go ahead and buy it.


This Pink Pimple-Drying Spot Treatment That Works Overnight

Zap away your blemishes with this legendary pink pimple-drying lotion. The spot treatment is made with effective and powerful ingredients — like salicylic acid, calamine, and titanium dioxide — that calm inflammation and dry up spots (without drying surrounding skin). Apply the product to pimples at night and wake up with a clearer complexion.


An Extra-Soothing Lip Balm Made With Green Tea

This soothing, antioxidant-filled lip balm is SPF 25 and provides intense protection from the cold, wind, and sun. Formulated with vitamin E, green tea, and more, it makes lips soft and smooth while preventing future damage from the outside elements. It comes in various scents, such as Natural Mint & Shea Butter, Lemon & Shea Butter, and more.


A Doughnut-Shape Power Strip That Keeps Your Cords Neat

Keep all of your cords organized in one convenient place with this travel power strip, which is shaped like a doughnut. The device features three outlets and three USB ports. It also has a hard outer shell that withstands extreme temperatures, along with a 15-inch power cord. Choose from three colors: white, black, or red.


The Multifunctional Pen That Transforms Into Different Tools

This is much more than an ordinary pen; it's a tactical pen that'll make you feel like you can tackle any emergency job — small or large. The versatile tool can be used as a bottle opener, a window breaker, a flashlight, and more. It comes in black, silver, or steel, and it can be tucked in your pocket or bag for safekeeping.


A Sturdy Cell Phone Stand For Easy Viewing

Whether you're working online or binge-watching your favorite TV shows, position your cell on this phone stand and find the perfect angle. Made from strong aluminum alloy, the stand is lightweight, sturdy, and compatible with most phones. It has rubber pads that'll prevent your device from getting scratched up, and it comes in silver or black.


This Waterproof Speaker So You Can Listen In The Shower

Install this waterproof Bluetooth speaker in your shower and listen to your favorite music and podcasts while you're getting ready. The speaker stays in place with a strong suction cup and provides 10 hours of continuous playtime. It also comes with a USB cable for charging, and it's available in four colors: silver, pink, gold, or black.


An Organized Case For All Of Those Batteries You're Storing

This battery organizer is just the piece you need to store and organize all of your extra batteries. You can mount the organizer onto a wall or store it in a drawer. It even comes with a detachable battery tester so you can always make sure your batteries are in working condition.


These Get Toe Caps That Prevent Blisters

Blisters are always a bummer, but there is a way to avoid them when you're on your feet and walking around all day. These gel toe caps are waterproof and sweat-proof, and they fit snug around each toe to keep them protected and separated. They come in two sizes (small and large), and can be purchased in white or beige.


The Curly Hair Extensions That Change Your Style In Seconds

Add instant volume and lustrous waves to your hair without spending an obscene amount of time in your bathroom (or wasting a ton of money on products). These clip-in hair extensions — which include five per set — are made from synthetic hair fiber and stay firmly in place without causing damage. They come in a choice of four lengths and more than 30 shades (including ombre).


This Popular Hair Repair Serum That Controls Frizz

Keep frizz under control without weighing down your hair (or changing its texture) with this highly-rated hair repair serum. The lightweight product is formulated with natural ingredients like argan oil, vitamin E, and aloe vera. According to reviewers, a little goes a long way.


A Cuticle Treatment Made With Vitamin E And Almond Oil

Gorgeous nails aren't just about color; cuticles count, too. This conditioning treatment repairs the delicate skin around your nails with ingredients like vitamin E, jojoba, and almond oil. It absorbs quickly, leaving your hands softer and smoother. You can choose from two bottle sizes, including .25 ounces and 4 ounces.


These Pretty Silk Scrunchies That Come In 40 Colors

On those days when you just want to tie back your hair and get it out of your face (without totally ruin that blowout that took three hours to get just right), these satin scrunchies are here for you. One set of these elastic hair bands come with 40 pieces. They're all soft, colorful, and pretty — and they won't pull on your strands while you're wearing them.


An RFID-Blocking Wallet With Room For All Of Your Cards

Fit all of your credit cards, ATM cards, and ID cards in this one RFID-blocking wallet, and feel completely secure that your personal information is protected from electronic identity theft (no matter where you travel). The wallet has a zipper and room for cash. It also comes in more than 30 colors.


This Contoured Sleeping Mask Made With Memory Foam

Block out the light, rest your eyes, and get a better night's sleep with the help of this comfortable sleep mask. Unlike other masks on the market, this one has contoured eyes that won't pinch your skin. Plus, it boasts fully adjustable straps and a memory foam design that springs back to life.


An Alarm Clock That Projects The Time Onto Your Walls

This genius projection alarm clock beams the time onto your wall or ceiling, making it a cinch to read when you wake up in the morning (or in a daze in the middle of the night). It has a clear LED screen with six adjustable brightness levels, dual alarms, and the ability to play 15 different radio stations. It even provides a convenient USB port to charge your phone.


This Double Cereal Dispenser That Prevents Counter Messes

Encourage independence and a mess-free breakfast with this handy double cereal dispenser, which features two side-by-side 17.5-ounce canisters that help keep cereal fresher for longer. The cool gadget dispenses 1 ounce of cereal per twist, which means there's no chance of pouring out too much at one time (and making a mess). It comes in four colors and is perfect for teaching children how to prepare their own morning meals.


These Quality Stainless Steel Knives That Won't Break The Bank

This stainless steel knife set includes a chef knife, a carving knife, a bread knife, a utility knife, and a paring knife. It also comes with a knife sharpener that has both fine and coarse sharpening modes, as well as a modern, sleek knife holder that won't take up as much counter space as a typical butcher block.


A Stackable Basket Drawer For Cleaning Supplies & Canned Food

Take more control over your pantry with this stackable basket drawer. The metal organizer is easily assembled without tools — and it slides out for easy access whenever you need cleaning supplies, canned food, and more. Buy it in three different shades: chrome, bronze, or silver.


The Haircare Duo That's Made With Apple Cider Vinegar

Harnessing the powers of natural apple cider vinegar, avocado oil, and more, this shampoo-and-conditioner duo balances oils on your scalp, keeps itches at bay, and adds intense shine to dry, damaged strands. One reviewer even wrote, "After the first use I fell in love because of how soft my hair was! I even bleached my hair to get the red out and you can’t even tell it was bleached because of how healthy it looks!"


These Soothing Facial Spray Toners For Added Hydration

Two hydrating, soothing facial mists are always better than one — and this duo joins forces to moisturize and tone skin. The set includes a rosewater mist and a green tea mist, both of which boast antioxidants and botanicals galore for a refreshing mid-day pick-me-up with every spritz.


A Pair Of Heated Mittens That Relieve Joint & Arthritis Pain

Heat up these arthritis therapy mitts in your microwave for only one minute, and then get ready to feel an incredibly soothing sensation with instant joint pain relief. These mitts, which are infused with flax seeds, calm inflammation and require just five to 10 minutes of treatment each day.


This Back Stretcher With An Acupressure Surface

If your back pain is excruciating, give this acupressure back stretcher set a try. It has a multi-level design and adjustable gears that make it possible to target every inch of your back while stretching. The device even comes with a massage ball that you can use for even more relief.


The Fungus-Fighting Body Cream With Over 2,000 5-Star Reviews

Consider this "Wonder Balm" skin cream the ultimate defense against common skin conditions caused by bacteria, yeast, and fungus. The soothing ointment is made with ingredients like tea tree, eucalyptus, and lavender oil — and it can be applied on various body parts to protect your skin. It's especially great at resisting bacteria that harbors in moist climates and environments.


A Comfy Memory Foam Seat Cushion That Relieves Pain

If your office or home chair is giving you a royal pain in the you-know-what, place this memory foam seat cushion down to protect your hips and tailbone. It has a U-shape design and is made with quality fabric that pops right back up after pressure is applied to it.


These LED Touch Lights To Illuminate Dark Corners And Closets

Add some light to the dark crevices and spaces in your home — like closets and hallways — with these self-adhesive tap lights that turn on and off with a push of your finger. The pack of lights come in two bright shades (both warm and cool), and they run on AAA batteries.


The Kitchen Gadget That Separates Sauces From Fat

Separate the fat from your sauces with this kitchen gadget that makes it so simple. The tool has a drip feature that releases sauce to the bottom of the 4-cup container. It also has a plug on its base that you can use to release the sauce you want to keep after a fat layer forms on top of it. It's made from sturdy, BPA-free material, and all of its parts are dishwasher-safe.


A Silicone Popcorn Maker To Use In The Microwave

Make your popcorn in minutes — without getting bags involved — with this microwave popcorn popper that's made with silicone. The popper doesn't require a drop of oil to cook kernels fast, and it comes with lid that can be used in the microwave (or to store uneaten popcorn that will most definitely be enjoyed later on).


The Simplified Cold Brew Coffee Maker That Fits In Your Fridge Door

There are a number of cold brew coffee makers that'll cost you a pretty penny — but this isn't one of them. This simplified, yet affordable cold brew maker can brew up to 4 cups of delicious coffee right in one pitcher. It also comes with an airtight lid and has a narrow design that lets you store it in your fridge door.


An Ear-And-Nose Hair Clipper That's Safe And Works Fast

If you'd like to remove the hairs in your nose or ears, there's a simple solution that doesn't involve a razor (ouch). This hair trimmer has a 360-degree rotating blade design that safely, yet speedily clips your hair without irritating your skin. The grooming gadget is waterproof and quietly runs on battery.


The Acne-Fighting Pimple Patches You Can Wear Whenever

These pimple patches are made with natural hydrocolloid — and they'll suck out excess pus from your whiteheads within hours, leaving you with less inflammation and clearer skin. Wear the patches directly over your pimples; they're transparent and can even be worn during the day while you're out and about.


A Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper To Help Reduce Odor

This tongue scraper is made from stainless steel and features a curved design with handles that make it easy to maneuver over your tongue. It even comes with a case so you can take it with you on-the-go. Use it to help remove bacteria that might be causing odor in your mouth.


This Relaxing Scalp Brush Made With Silicone

With soft, thick silicone bristles that gently massage your scalp, this shampoo brush is the shower tool you need to boost circulation while cleaning your hair. The exfoliating brush comes in three colors, and reviewers have written that it helps reduce product buildup on the scalp.


This Anti-Chafe Body Balm That Reduces Friction

Chafing happens in unexpected places where your skin experiences friction — but when you apply a thin layer of this anti-chafe balm, your skin won't rub as much. The natural balm serves as protective armor that prevents chafing (and the inevitable rash that develops afterwards). It doesn't have a scent, and it's also vegan.


A Colander Set That Collapses For Convenience

This collapsible colander set includes two different colanders that fit inside various pots. The strainers are perfect for pasta, rice, and veggies — and they come in four colors. They also collapse flat and can be stacked for simple storage that doesn't take up kitchen counter space.


This Toothpaste Made With Activated Charcoal

Get brighter teeth without introducing a slew of chemicals into your brushing routine with this natural charcoal toothpaste. This minty-tasting, vegan selection is made with activated charcoal, organic coconut oil, baking soda, and more. It's also free of fluoride and parabens. With over 5,000 five-star reviews, it's clear that people are enjoying it.


A Professional Plaque-Removing Kit To Keep In Your Bathroom

You can brush, floss, and scrape your tongue. But this plaque-removing dental care set includes all of the other tools you need to get rid of plaque. The set includes a tartar scraper, a tooth pick, a dental scaler, and a mouth mirror to see all of those truly hard-to-reach areas. All of the tools included are made with stainless steel.


This Mouthwash For Sensitive Gums That Reduces Odor

This minty mouthwash is ideal for anyone with sensitive gums. It's made with cloralstan, which prevents the formation of plaque on teeth — but it's totally free of harsh alcohol and sulfate. To work, the wash lowers the amount of bacteria in your mouth that leads to odor.


The Convenient Wireless Charger With An LED Light

Keep your devices powered up without dealing with messy cables by using this wireless charger. The convenient platform plugs into your outlet, and it uses a green LED light indicator that flashes for three seconds to let you know when your power source is connected. It then charges your cell without any annoying lights that'll keep you up at night.


These Mesh Laundry Bags For Washing Delicate Items

It's rarely a good idea to toss delicate items into the wash with everything else. Instead, place lingerie, blouses, and stockings into these mesh laundry bags, and they'll be protected against rips, tears, and color fading. This set of five zippered bags includes one large bag, two medium bags, and two small bags.


A Foldable Drying Rack That Can Be Easily Stored

If you suspect that your blouses, sweaters, or lingerie will come undone in your dryer, don't take any risks. Instead, use this foldable laundry drying rack. It's made with lightweight steel and can be set up anywhere (even in small apartments). It can even hold up to 32 pounds and then fold down accordion style.


An Insulated Thermos That Keeps Food Hot For 7 Hours

Hot foods stay hot for up to seven hours and cold foods stay cold for nine hours when you pack your lunch inside this insulated stainless steel thermos, which comes with a convenient stainless steel spoon that folds up. The 16-ounce food jar also has a wide mouth and a secure lid — and it comes in six colors.


A Non-Slip Utensil Organizer With Multiple Compartments

Keep your spoons, forks, and knives separated and in perfect order with this utensil organizer. It's a convenient silverware tray that boasts six compartments, a soft-grip lining, and non-slip feet. The tray comes in three sizes (large, small, and mini), along with eight colors.


A Natural Deodorant That Smells Like Cranberry And Plum

This natural Native deodorant — which is free of aluminum, parabens, and sulfates — is available in multiple scents. You can buy it in Citrus, Coconut & Vanilla, Cranberry & Plum, and more. It's also cruelty-free and made with ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, baking soda, and probiotics.


A Sturdy Cell Phone Stand For The Best Viewing Angles

Rest your iPhone or Android on this sturdy cell phone stand, put your charging cable through its convenient cut-out, and then enjoy the ideal viewing angle for scrolling and watching videos. The aluminum alloy structure has rubber cushion hooks that won't scratch your devices or cases, and it comes in five colors.


These Reusable Grocery Bags With Long Handles

You probably already know that plastic isn't good for the environment, and these reusable grocery bags are eco-conscious choices for shopping. They have extra-long handles and reinforced bottoms that keep them from falling apart. Plus, each reusable bag can support up to 30 pounds.


The Blooming Tea Flowers That Will Upgrade Tea Time

These blooming tea flowers aren't just gorgeous to look at; they also deliver powerful cups of tea. Each canister contains 12 varieties of flowers that yield a total of 250 cups — and you can choose from varieties like Floral Passion, Rising Spring, Fairly Lily, and more. Steep them like you normally would and then watch them grow.


An Indian Healing Clay With Over 15,000 Positive Reviews

Harnessing the power of natural bentonite clay, this facial clay treatment saps up excess oil, removes blackheads, and keeps your complexion clear and smooth. The loose clay can be mixed with either water or apple cider vinegar before applying it to your face for up to 10 minutes.


A Funny Card Game Where Players Make Their Own Memes

Players compete in this adult party game called What Do You Meme to see who can come up with the funniest captions to accompany various images that appear on photo cards. It currently has over 4,000 five-star reviews, and customers are loving it. One reviewer wrote: "We literally couldn’t stop playing and didn’t end up quitting until we had exhausted every single meme in the stack, 2.5 hours later."


The Popular Derma Roller Tool That You Can Use At Home

What do 540 titanium micro-needles and glowing skin have in common? A lot, actually. This popular Derma Roller may look intimidating — but with a few rolls over your complexion (in conjunction with a good vitamin C serum), it can help exfoliate your skin. It comes with a case so you can keep it protected.


The Silicone Brushes To Apply Facial Masks Without The Mess

Most of the time, facial masks are thick in consistency and difficult to apply, which means it's easy to make a mess while applying them. That's where these quality silicone brushes come in. Use them to spread your masks out evenly across your skin, and then easily wash them off.


A Set Of Stainless Steel Blackhead Extraction Tools

Pimple extractions are usually best left to professionals— unless, of course, you have this extraction set at home. It consists of five stainless steel tools designed to effortlessly treat and remove blemishes after they've formed (just make sure you sanitize the tools before using them).


The Water Bottle That Rolls Up When You're Not Using It

There's no need to use water bottles that take up more room in your bag than necessary. This BPA-free silicone water bottle accommodates 26 ounces of water and has a leakproof, wide-mouth lid that makes it easy to fill up. Best of all, it collapses flat when you're not using it and can be rolled up to save space.


These Washable Makeup Sponges That Blend Your Cosmetics

This makeup sponge set with five pieces an absolute bargain. Each washable sponge can effortlessly blend makeup into a different areas of your face so that you don't have to constantly change your brushes. The tip of each sponge is meant for your eyes and lips, the round center is great for your chin and nose, and the flat bottom is ideal for applying foundation to your cheeks and forehead.


An Affordable Mascara That Makes Your Lashes Long And Lush

An incredible mascara doesn't have to break the bank to work really well. This one has more than 4,000 faithful reviewers willing to vouch for its ability to increase both the length and volume of your lashes. Plus, it's gluten- and cruelty- free.


This Vitamin C Serum With Over 5,000 5-Star Reviews

Complete with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and more, this serum one of the most popular skincare items on Amazon (it has over 5,000 five-star reviews). Expect this cruelty-free product brighten your complexion, even out your skin tone, and help relieve breakouts. It comes in a 1-ounce bottle and a 2-ounce bottle.


This Oil-Free Sunscreen That's Great For Sensitive Skin

It's important to wear sunscreen regularly — but if you have sensitive skin, it can be tough to find a gentle product. This mineral-based sunscreen with SPF 46 is a good choice. It's free of all oils and features a zinc oxide base that protects against UVA and UVB rays. It's even paraben-free.


A Curling Iron That Doubles As A Brush

Use this curling iron brush — which has a 1-inch barrel — to curl, straighten, or just brush out knots and make your hair smoother and shinier. The heated tool features adjustable temperature controls that work for all hair types, along with "ceramic tourmaline ionic technology" that ensures an even heat distribution.


A Flosser That Uses Water To Remove Food Particles

Remove various food particles that get lodged between your teeth with this dental water flosser. Instead of standard string, it uses direct water streams to floss. The device has two speeds and a cordless, collapsible design that makes it ideal for travel. Choose from four styles with different color accents.


This Callus Remover Made With Surgical-Grade Stainless Steel

There's nothing that comes close to the way your feet feel right after a pedicure — but this rasp foot file comes close. The surgical-grade stainless steel tool does an incredible job of gently, yet effectively sloughing away calluses. Use it post-shower when your feet or wet, or take it out when you're totally dry.


A Classic Translucent Face Powder That Sets Your Makeup

Facial Powder might seem like an outdated cosmetic, but it's the key ingredient for setting your foundation so that it lasts all day. This classic translucent powder is lightweight, and it comes in six shades. It even comes in a powder that applies extra coverage whenever you need it.


An Argan Oil Spray That Protects Hair Against Heat Damage

Heat damage from blow dryers and flat irons is never fun, but this argan oil heat protectant spray is here to help. It can be applied before styling your hair, and it acts like a shield to help keep your locks glossy and strong. The formula can even withstand temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.


This Adults-Only Party Game Where You Create Obscene Comics

Expect huge laughs when you play this adult party game that involves creating funny (and often inappropriate) comics about various taboo subjects. It currently has over 1,000 five-star reviews — and one reviewer compared the game to Cards Against Humanity and Apples to Apples. They wrote, "Joking Hazard is absolutely hilarious."


This Salad Spinner That Collapses Flat

This salad spinner serves various purposes; it's a spinning strainer that ensures lettuce is never a soggy mess, but it's also a convenient serving bowl that comes with a tight lid in case there's any salad left over. The set even collapses flat so that you can store it with ease.


An Electric Nail Drill For Filing And Grooming

Your nails and cuticles will be smooth and in tip-top shape with the help of this electric nail file. The device comes with six metal bits and six sanding bits that remove cuticles and file all nail types (including acrylic). It'll even help you create amazing nail art.


These Natural Acne Patches That Heal Blemishes

Some acne medications leave your skin dry and flaky — but these acne patches target zits without disrupting your surrounding skin. The translucent adhesives are made from natural ingredients like hydrocolloid, tea tree oil, and calendula oil that help heal pimples whenever they're applied.


This Mini Flat Iron That's Perfect For Travel

Keep your hair looking fantastic when you're on-the-go with this portable mini flat iron, which is compact and boasts a dual-voltage design for worldwide travel. The iron heats up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit and features ceramic tourmaline plates that are gentle on your hair while providing an even distribution of heat.


A Power Adapter That Will Work In 160 Countries

This wall power socket lets you power up to five devices whenever you're traveling. It has four USB ports — and thanks to its different outlet plugs, you can take it to various countries and know that it'll work (160 countries, to be exact). Choose from two different colors: black and blue.


The Makeup-Removing Cloth That Just Uses Water

You won't need a drop of makeup remover (or even soap) when you rely on these gentle, reusable makeup remover cloths to get rid of your cosmetics. Moisten the cloths with water, let them work their magic, and then wash them so they're ready when you want to use them again.


A Bendable Mascara That Lifts And Lengthens Lashes

Use this unique mascara by L'Oréal Paris in one of two ways: as a straight wand to lengthen your lashes, or a bent wand to lift them up for a more lush look. The mascara comes in waterproof or washable formulas, and it's available in two shades: Blackest Black or Black Brown.


This Fan Duster That Captures Debris Way Up High

Dust loves to hide in ceiling lights and hard-to-reach fans — and this fan duster can help. It has a handle that extends over 3 feet tall, along with a wrap-around brush that can fit 6-inch blades inside of it. Its fibers can trap dirt and dust, and it can be washed and reused after cleaning sprees.

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