44 Suspiciously Cheap Products On Amazon That Actually Work

Some clichés earn their place in the popular vernacular for one reason only: Because they can be true. So, generally speaking, when it comes to maxims like "You get what you pay for," that's advice you should generally follow. Except in this case, where we've found some suspiciously cheap products on Amazon that actually work. Like I said, some clichés can be accurate — but when they're not, you can end up with some pretty exciting hidden gems.

Not only do they boast remarkably reasonable price tags, but they also do what they claim. Do't believe me? Just ask the hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dedicated Amazon reviewers who stand by these special products.

Great buys are available in every category, too: Whether you fall hard for beauty bargains like gold eye masks that you could literally buy with the change in your couch cushions, or crush on life-altering steals like mosquito-proofing bracelets and an eye mask to aid with insomnia, this rundown truly has something for everyone. And if you like more than one, you'll definitely be able to grab a few, because these products won't break the bank.

So go ahead, enjoy a guilt-free shopping spree with this frugal — and functional — list.

1. This Serum Will Make Your Lashes And Brows Fuller

Essy Eyebrow Serum, $22, Amazon

While this product is clearly labeled as an "eyebrow serum," its unique blend of nutrients stimulate lashes as well as brows at the follicle level. This formulation is simple to use, won't irritate your eyes, and is safe for daily use — perfect as a lash or brow primer. It starts working at three weeks, with full results at six, and one reviewer notes: "I bought my first tube of serum about a month ago, and I am getting such good results."


2. These Bracelets Will Keep Pesky Mosquitoes Away

iCooker Mosquito Bracelets, $14 (12 Pack), Amazon

These brightly-colored bracelets are the perfect solution for those creepy crawlers everyone loathes. Leave the questionable chemical sprays and expensive electronic devices behind and slip on one of these bands, permeated with a blend of all-natural ingredients including lemongrass, citronella, and essential oils to boost your repellent powers. The bracelets are non-toxic and DEET free, and designed in a way so that each will comfortably fit anyone from a baby to an adult. A single band protects you for up to an unbeatable 420 hours.


3. This LED Gadget Pumps Up The Power Of Your Teeth Whiteners

Dental Duty Teeth Whitening LED Light, $12, Amazon

Enjoy a whiter smile for way less in the comfort of your home with this innovative product. Simply apply your favorite gel or strips then pair with this unique LED light device. The peroxide in your treatment is broken down by the blue UV rays, which in turn helps penetrate the enamel to remove stains faster and bring up the shade to brighter levels than you'd achieve outside the dentist's office. One reviewer writes: "I tried my normal whitening strips and didn’t notice much difference after a week. I decided to try the Dental Duty Whitening Accelerator Light with them. I was shocked, my teeth were 3 shades whiter after one use!"


4. The Peppermint Essential Oil That's Literally Half The Price Of Most

BargzOils Peppermint Oil, $9, Amazon

This versatile oil is a must for any at-home remedy specialist — and it's at a much better price than you'll usually see a high-quality essential oil. Peppermint oil is excellent for the relief of sore muscles, it's a top ingredient in dandruff relief products, you can use it to cool down your skin, it's anti-fungal and a natural astringent, and it will repel pests: Basically, there's no limit to the applications you'll find for this oil. It's good for cleaning and freshening up the house, too.


5. The High-Definition Concealer That's Less Expensive Than Drugstore Brands

L.A. Girl PRO.Conceal, $3, Amazon

With over 3,000 reviews and 25 shades, you totally need to try out this this concealer. Its creamy formula provides the high-definition, light-reflecting coverage the pros prefer (hence the name, natch), while its price tag is one that even the most budget-conscious among us can get down with. It's blendable and buildable, and does everything from covering dark circles to evening out skin tone. It even has a brush tip applicator so it goes on smooth.


6. This Organizer Caddy Keeps Your Sink Neat And Clean

Tloowy Kitchen Organizer, $3, Amazon

Get your sink in sync with this cheap and cheerful kitchen organizer. Made of eco-friendly plastic, it attaches to the side of your sink via a suction on its underside and holds your sponges and other scrubbers so they can drain while not in use. The tray is angled so that water rolls off and into the sink, and its triangular shape maximizes the space while keeping everything handy.


7. The Sleep Mask For People Who Think Sleep Masks Are Too Expensive

Secret Sales Sleep Mask, $6, Amazon

If you suffer from insomnia, you must have an eye mask, and this one enables you to ensure you're never without one. At the price, you can buy one for home, one to keep in your carry-on, one to keep at your BFF's, one for work (just in case you get snowed in and can't sleep), one to keep in the car (same) — you get the idea. Made from breathable silk, this accessory is frictionless and feels comfortable on your skin as it blocks out the light to help you rest.


8. These Silicone Eggs Thoroughly Clean Your Makeup Brushes

MLMSY Brush Egg, $6 (2 Pack), Amazon

Small but mighty, these makeup accessories are crafted from sturdy and soft silicone — combined with cleanser, they provide a thorough cleaning for even the most color-loaded brushes in your cosmetics kit. Applying gentle pressure across the unique groove-and-nub pattern is the secret to their success, and one reviewer notes that they're "the only thing I've ever seen really clean my makeup brushes."


9. This Facial Cleanser Is A Super Inexpensive Introduction To The Korean Beauty Craze

Etude House Baking Powder B.B. Deep Cleansing Foam, $10, Amazon

This cleanser is a terrific way to get in on the Korean beauty experience, given that it comes from Etude House, one of the most respected names in the arena. Crafted specifically for the skin care needs of users who wear foundation or BB cream, this mild cleanser is made with fine baking powder to remove dead skin cells and impurities found in the pores. It also has natural rice bran powder to slough off dead skin cells and makeup residue.


10. These Cloths Remove Your Makeup Quickly And Easily

S&T Always Off Makeup Remover Cloths, $3 (3 Pack), Amazon

These microfiber cloths provide the perfect budget-friendly alternative for those who love makeup remover wipes for their cleansing power, but hate the waste. All you need is water and your favorite cleanser to remove your makeup — just a few gentle circular motions, and your face will be fresh as a daisy. "Inexpensive makeup cloths that get the job done," says one reviewer, and others note that these cloths are great for sensitive skin, too. Plus, they're washable, and you can even use them with just water.


11. This Customizable Organizer Will Corral Your Essentials For Less

Felicite Home Acrylic Organizer, $19, Amazon

If your countertop is crammed with cosmetics and jewelry, this organizer will help clean it up. It features removable dividers so you can set things up the way you like them, with eight grids and enough space for larger items like makeup palettes. Made from sturdy, premium-quality acrylic that's thick and durable, it's completely shatter-proof to get years of use out of it.


12. The Accessory That Strengthens Your Core Without A Gym Membership

UniFam Stability Ball, $16-$22, Amazon

Perfect for anyone looking to get more movement in their day, this versatile exercise and therapeutic tool is a terrific addition to your wellness regimen, but often, when you seek them out at stores or online, they're prohibitively expensive. The smallest size of this stability ball comes in well under $20 and is available in five colors, too — what more could you ask for? I'll tell you: 100 percent non-phthalate PVC construction that's also eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, a foot pump to inflate the ball, and a user manual — all included with this terrific value.


13. The Speaker That Lets You Get Your Jam On In The Shower

SoundBot Water-Resistant Speaker, $15, Amazon

If you sound like Andrea Bocelli or Adele when you're in the shower, this speaker will provide the backing accompaniment you've been looking for. It'll connect via Bluetooth, give you HD quality sound, and adhere to your shower wall for convenience. The speaker features universal compatibility with all your devices and provides six hours of play time. You can even take phone calls with it.


14. This Charcoal Toothpaste Cleans Like Popular Brands For Much Less

Dental Expert Activated Charcoal Toothpaste, $12, Amazon

Made with activated charcoal, this mint-flavored toothpaste offers an inexpensive take on the effective whitening ingredient. The reason this ingredient has become so popular? It provides an all-natural alternative to bleaches and fluoride — and it removes stains. This formulation is organic and safe for even sensitive teeth, and the charcoal combines with coconut and peppermint oils to eliminate bacteria, freshening your breath as well.


15. This Fun Vacuum Sweeps Up Small Surfaces

Diadem Ladybug Vacuum, $10, Amazon

This miniature vacuum fits right in the palm of your hand and is perfect for keeping your desk or keyboard clean or sweeping crumbs off the breakfast table. Battery-powered, it's cute as a bug (#sorrynotsorry), and way more powerful than you'd think. Great for use for small messes in the car as well! It comes in two colors, too.


16. This Titanium Flat Iron Does A Salon-Quality Job For Less

SUPRENT Titanium Flat Iron, $22, Amazon

Featuring titanium plates similar to the straighteners you'd find in your salon, this flat iron is high-quality yet incredibly affordable. Why is titanium a plus? It's all in the science: Titanium generates electron flow to pull moisture into your hair and de-frizz it, it has no micropores so it does less damage to your hair, and it recombines the bond of keratin molecules at higher temperatures. This device also features an auto-off control for added safety, dual voltages for worldwide travel compatibility, and it's capable of 360-degree rotation.


17. This Genius Gadget Makes Cutting Fresh Pineapples Easy

Foamily Pineapple Tool, $7, Amazon

If you love pineapples but hate cutting into them, this ingenious kitchen accessory makes enjoying them easy, fast, and cheaper than the pre-cut ones. This device does it all: You can peel, core, and slice the fruit. Make perfectly-shaped pineapple rings, and best of all, retain the shell to use for décor, serving, or sipping a nice, frosty piña colada out of. It's sturdy, too, and easy to clean — because it's made from stainless steel and topped with a durable plastic handle.


18. This Device Ensures That Your Food Defrosts Evenly, Quickly, And Safely

Thaw Claw, $12, Amazon

This simple but effective device eliminates a common kitchen health hazard — the risk of meats defrosting unevenly and developing dangerous bacterial growth. Simply attach this accessory to the surface of your sink, then fill it with water as normal. Slide your packaged frozen food under the arms of The Claw — your food will defrost seven times faster and 100 percent safer.


19. These Bluetooth Headphones Make A Perfect — And Inexpensive — Workout Partner

Otium Wireless Headphones, $20, Amazon

These headphones are a fraction of the price of their competitors and will send you on your way to work out with a song in your heart: Not only do they operate via Bluetooth and hook over your ears, offering a snug and secure fit, but they're also sweat-proof, so you can listen without worrying you're incurring damage. They provide high-quality stereo sound and enable you to skip, play, and pause on your music as well as control your phone. There's eight hours of play per charge, too.


20. These Super-Smart Luggage Organizers Streamline Your Packing Process

La Ventus Packing Organizers, $14 (Set of 6), Amazon

Great for anyone who loves to overpack, this versatile set includes three packing cubes and three laundry pouches to account for every eventuality you might run into when preparing to hit the road. Separate your clean and dirty clothes, pack wet bathing suits in their own pouch, pack your gym shoes into a cube of their own — it's rife with possibilities. Plus, they're 50 percent larger than those featured in competitive sets, and crafted from thick, premium-quality nylon fabric.


21. This Device Speedily Removes Unwanted Hair And Comes In At Just $10

Emoji Tweeze eRase, $10, Amazon

How about this electric epilator for just $10? Pinch yourself, but it's true: This compact model removes hairs down to 0.3 millimeters with pinpoint precision. Its patented system makes the removal process incredibly comfortable and keeps the hair away for six weeks. It's gentle enough for use on sensitive skin, and the tweezers on this appliance open and close 180 times per second. It also runs on 2 AAA batteries.


22. These Weights Will Give Your Workout A Kick In The Pants, Not The Wallet

Yes4All Ankle Weights, $10 (2 Pack), Amazon

These fitness accessories will add resistance to your workout without weighing down your wallet. Made of sturdy neoprene with reinforced stitching, they feature D-ring and Velcro closures to snugly fit either your ankles or your wrists, and they won't bounce while you're moving. Portable and lightweight, they're great for cardio, balance, coordination, and lots of other fitness applications. They're also comfortable on your skin and extra absorbent to keep moisture and sweat from accumulating.


23. This Makeup Mirror Dims And Magnifies Without Breaking The Bank

HotLife Makeup Mirror, $15, Amazon

Smaller than a paperback, this makeup mirror is perfect for touchups on the go — and offers two times the magnification so you can get a close look at what you're doing, wherever you are. Plus, the eight LED lights surrounding the standard magnification side of the mirror can be dimmed, meaning you can use this accessory in any lighting situation. The durable plastic case can be folded back to stand the mirror on your desk, countertop, or the fold-down tray table on your airline seat, making this a great travel companion.


24. This Retinol Cream Boosts Your Skin's Appearance...And Your Wallet's

Baebody Beauty Retinol Cream, $20, Amazon

A cult-favorite moisturizer with over 3,000 reviews, this product also provides some truly shocking savings, considering that even drugstore retinol creams can climb dangerously close to $100. An all-natural option, it's crafted from retinol blended with hyaluronic acid, green tea, and jojoba oil to reduce, plump, and hydrate skin. This pure formulation is also without harmful parabens, fragrances, or dyes, and is cruelty-free, too.


25. This Mineral Deodorant Provides Natural Protection All Day Long

Crystal Mineral Deodorant, $5, Amazon

An unusual but incredibly popular all-natural option, this deodorant gives you reliable protection at an affordable price. It's a salt-based formula meant to be put on wet skin, and it's free of of aluminum, chlorohydrates, zirconium, parabens, and phthalates. It prevents odor for 24 hours by creating a topical barrier on your skin and creating an environment in which it's impossible for bacteria to survive. Crystal is hypoallergenic, non-sticky and non-staining, and completely cruelty-free.


26. These Motion Sensor Lights Provide An Easy Way To Illuminate Tricky Spaces

OxyLED Motion Sensor Lights, $20 (3 Pack), Amazon

A souped-up version of the unreliable models that have been giving you insight into tricky-to-illuminate corners for years, these handy LED lights comes with a motion sensor that turn on when it detects movement within 10 feet and turns it back off after 12 to 18 seconds of stillness. It'll affix with an adhesive strip with magnetic fields that easily attache to the body of the device, and it's battery-powered.


27. This Deep Conditioner Gives You A Salon-Quality Finish For Less

ApotheCARE Essentials The Mender Conditioner, $8, Amazon

This conditioner resurfaces fragile or damaged hair with its precision-blended ingredients, including refined coconut milk, distilled vitamin E, and coconut oil. Its unique formulation actually resurfaces your hair's outer cuticle layer, locking in moisture and leaving behind a smooth and polished look. The blend is also entirely silicone, paraben, and dye-free, and is scented with exotic white jasmine.


28. This Improbably-Titled Ointment Is Hands-Down A Moisturizing Favorite

Vermont's Original Bag Balm, $10, Amazon

The ointment in the little green tin has been a cult-favorite for years, thanks to its multi-functional moisturizing and soothing powers — but who knew it was not only so effective, but super inexpensive as well? Bag Balm was created by dairy farmers to soothe their cows' dry, chapped udders. These farmers soon found their hands were looking quite lovely, and the sensation began to spread. Bag Balm is great for just about any skin problem under the sun, from severe or chronic dry skin to skin that is calloused, cracked, split, chapped or chafed.


29. This Ingenious Cooling Band Helps Ease Raging Headaches

Theramed Cold Headache Band, $8, Amazon

This accessory is a sure bet if you're a migraine sufferer like me — and always on the hunt for new and smart gadgets to ease your pain. This band provides some incredible cold therapy you can wrap around your head and is made from two different materials to provide two different temperatures. It's great for sinus headaches and tension, too.


30. This Heated Massage Pillow Provides Deep-Down Pain Relief

Hippih Back Pillow Massager, $20, Amazon

If you're suffering from chronic back, neck, or shoulder pain, but thought you couldn't afford that shiatsu pillow you wanted, this one is the answer. It features four massaging nodes that reverse directions every minute to thoroughly work your sore muscles, plus an optional heating function that boosts circulation to aching areas and increases your relief. Adjustable straps make it easy to position, secure to your favorite chair, or tote along with you on long trips.


31. This Makeup Bag Must-Have Is High-Performing But Low-Cost

Cardani Eyelash Glue, $7, Amazon

This eyelash glue offers you incredible results and a secure hold for a great price. It goes on white so you can see how much you've applied and where, but dries clear so it's invisible behind lashes (or brows). Formulated for long-lasting staying power, this product is also latex-, gluten-, sulfate-, and BPA-free. As a bonus, it's vegan, too!


32. The Exfoliating Tool That Puts A Painless End To Ingrown Hairs

Coolife Ingrown Hair Tool, $11, Amazon

Designed to relieve the pain and irritation from ingrown hairs anywhere on your body, this tool provides excellent circulatory stimulation as a body massager. Made of safe ABS and silicone material, it's easy to use by simply brushing the affected area in small, gentle circles. It's easy to grip and easy to clean, and can also be used for dry brushing treatments.


33. This Tiny Waffle Maker Is Too Adorable (And Cheap!) To Let Pass You By

Dash Mini Waffle Maker, $10, Amazon

Seriously. How cute is this mini waffle maker? Can't you just imagine using it for dessert waffles? For savory waffles for cocktail parties? To make everyone a stack of their very own personally-flavored waffles for this weekend's brunch? Okay, that's a little #extra, but this device is definitely worth the money. It weighs just over 1 pound, is completely non-stick, and you can plug it in and have waffles in minutes.


34. This Cult-Favorite Cucumber Face Mask You Can Peel Off

Freeman Cucumber Peel-Off Mask, $7, Amazon

Everyone loves a mask, and with this cucumber mask in a tube, you'll be all set to clarify and renew your skin for months to come. Formulated with a blend of cucumber, melon, and ginseng extracts to leave your skin feeling smooth and fresh, this mask applies easily and peels right off — along with your skin's impurities — when it's done. Its effects are amped up by the addition of a range of botanical extracts, too.


35. The Whisk Set That's Super Strong In The Kitchen But Incredibly Gentle On Your Wallet

TeeVea Wire Whisk Set, $15 (Set Of Three), Amazon

This three-piece whisk set is the perfect ally in the kitchen: It can stand up to any thick batter, will last years, and cleans up easily. These wire whisks are designed with thicker wires (and more of them) to be considerably stronger than other types you've owned, plus the handle is thicker, which means it's not only durable but easier to hold. This set includes 8-, 10-, and 12-inch whisks.


36. This Genius Gadget Is Great For Anyone Who Needs To Check The Recipe 10 Times While Cooking

Milliard Spatula Phone Holder, $4, Amazon

This genius device is both super fun and super functional: It's shaped like a spatula, folds down into your drawer, and does the work of a smartphone holder many times its price. Follow along with recipes from your phone or even your tablet — or, heck, keep talking — while cooking, and even stand your phone upright to keep it away from moisture on your countertop.


37. The Smart Reusable Ties That Will Save You Countless Dollars In Food Waste

Trudeau Tie Wraps, $6 (8 Pack), Amazon

These silicone ties are a smart and sensible addition to your kitchen arsenal: They'll last forever and help your foods last much longer, too. Extremely durable, the 6-inch long wraps efficiently and securely seal food storage bags, plus they'll find many other uses outside the kitchen as well. They're easy to use, too: Simply thread the stem end through the leaf — it'll catch hold and can't slip back out. They're safe for the dishwasher, too!


38. These Sponges Look Like Volcanic Rocks But Are Gentle On Your Face

Konjac Charcoal Sponges, $12 (Set Of 3), Amazon

These charcoal sponges may look like lava rocks, but they're actually remarkably effective and gentle cleansing tools you should have in your beauty kit. Completely natural and hypoallergenic, these sponges are permeated with organic bamboo charcoal to deeply cleanse and gentle exfoliate your skin. They'll also balance your skin's pH, and are completely chemical-free and gentle enough for daily use, even on sensitive skin.


39. This Two-In-One Chopper Makes Food Prep So Much Easier

Allstar Innovations Clever Cutter, $15, Amazon

This versatile device will slice through the drudgery of chopping and slicing fruits and vegetables, speeding up your prep time exponentially. It combines razor-sharp cutting blades with a cutting surface to simply and easily cut, slice, and dice without dirtying a cutting board. It also features a locking safety hinge so on the rare occasions this device is in storage, it won't nick you when reaching into the drawer — and it's dishwasher-safe, too.


40. This Seaweed Bath Is A Pampering Spa Treatment For Practically Pennies

Seaweed Bath Co. Whole Seaweed Detox Bath, $8, Amazon

Baths are all the rage these days, and this ocean-fresh formulation straight from Maine will provide you will all the rejuvenating, pampering benefits of a spa treatment for less. It contains just one pure ingredient: Whole bladderwrack seaweed, to detoxify, hydrate, and replenish your skin. It comes with a mesh drawstring bag for a mess-free bathing experience, and it's cruelty-free.


41. These Silicone Scrubbers Are Durable, Versatile, And Inexpensive

BaiNoe Silicone Sponge Brushes, $7 (Set Of 3), Amazon

These super long-lasting accessories are incredibly versatile: Sure, you'll use them to clean your dishes and scrub vegetables, but they're also great in the garage for cleaning up messes there, as well as in your workroom, bathroom, and out in the garden shed. Plus, since they're crafted from heat-resistant silicone, they're terrific at protecting surfaces from the scarring and burns inflicted by hot pots and pans.


42. The Dead Sea Mineral Gel Thousands Of Reviewers Love

Vivo Per Lei Facial Peeling Gel, $12, Amazon

Collecting high reviews from nearly 2,000 Amazon reviewers, one of whom notes that this version is "...exactly the same as the $120 mall brand" — this gel is a great addition to your beauty routine. It provides deep cleansing and is designed to whisk away all the dirt, oils, dry or dead skin, and free radicals that build up as the result of everyday pollution, grime, and sun exposure. Users rave about the results they get from this Dead Sea mineral preparation from the first time they've applied it.


43. A Pint-Sized Humidifier That Staves Off Dry Air To Keep You Healthy And Moisturized

URPOWER Humidifier, $18, Amazon

This humidifier will fight off dry air — and in turn, mitigate against sinus infections and ease colds and other respiratory ails as well as dry skin and chapped lips — for way less than the bigger models. Powerful enough to condition the air of your room but a great size to travel with or use at the office, this model also includes a color-changing LED nightlight, programmable on/off cycles, and an auto shut-off feature. Use with your favorite essential oil for a dash of scent.


44. These Gold Treatment Masks Leave You Bright-Eyed For Less Than A Latte

New Crystal 24K Gold Eye Mask, $4 (5 Pairs), Amazon

These eye masks use super-popular 24 karat gold married with 100 percent collagen to soothe and destress your eyes. The result? Dramatically reduced dark circles and a more firm and elastic appearance in your eye area. When each treatment costs well under $1, why not give it a try? Pro tip: Store them in your fridge for an extra relaxing end-of-day treat.

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