44 Suspiciously Cheap Products On Amazon That Actually Work

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Some clichés earn their place in the popular vernacular for one reason only: Because they can be true. So, generally speaking, when it comes to maxims like "You get what you pay for," that's advice you should generally follow. Except in this case, where we've found some suspiciously cheap products on Amazon that actually work. Like I said, some clichés can be accurate — but when they're not, you can end up with some pretty exciting hidden gems.

Not only do they boast remarkably reasonable price tags, but they also do what they claim. Do't believe me? Just ask the hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dedicated Amazon reviewers who stand by these special products.

Great buys are available in every category, too: Whether you fall hard for beauty bargains like gold eye masks that you could literally buy with the change in your couch cushions, or crush on life-altering steals like mosquito-proofing bracelets and an eye mask to aid with insomnia, this rundown truly has something for everyone. And if you like more than one, you'll definitely be able to grab a few, because these products won't break the bank.

So go ahead, enjoy a guilt-free shopping spree with this frugal — and functional — list.

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