73 Random But Brilliant Products Most Added To Amazon Wish Lists

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In my opinion, the most genius inventions are the ones that are so darn random, you never even saw them coming. Take, for example, a pan that only bakes corner brownies, or an outlet cover with a built-in shelf. These random but brilliant products are most added to Amazon wish lists because they solve problems people didn't even know they had.

How do Amazon wish lists work? Simple. Right below the "add to cart" button on any product page, you'll find an "add to list" option that you can click instead. There, you can bookmark the things you'll be buying as soon as you get your paycheck — or the things you're hoping people will buy for you if they ever stalk your Amazon account for gift ideas. But you're not the only one compiling products. Amazon also keeps track of the most wished for items that people are obsessing over. They then split them into categories so you can see exactly what other users have been bookmarking, too.

That being said, Amazon's Most Wished For page is filled with hundreds upon hundreds of items that are changing all the time, and that can be a little overwhelming. Not to worry. I've sifted through it for you and found some of the coolest and most random products people have their eye on right now, so you can either add them to your own wish list or buy them ASAP.

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